[bittorrent] David Nelson and Tom Stern, acoustic, 1/21/98, Pacifica

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Band:           David Nelson Band
Torrent Name:   David Nelson and Tom Stern, acoustic, 1/21/98, Pacifica
Uploaded by:    rumrunners
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Description / text file:
David Nelson, 1/21/98, The Bruce Latimer Show; Pacifica Channel 8 Studios, Pacifica, CA, 1CDR
(38min), & Tom Stern on banjo; acoustic; CSHEB>D100> 48k dat, 1st row center in studio audience; includes soundcheck where audience who supposedly came to see David on TV talk instead of listening and the TV crew sets up; that is  followed by live on TV portion of 2 songs, interview of David, and then 2 more songs; this was for a cable community access TV broadcast The Bruce Latimer Show where David was one of the guests; volume level varies as not everything was mic-ed for the studio audience; transfer 12/27/09 48k dat > midiman delta dio 2496 > cooledit > wav; cooledit used for 48k > 44k conversion at highest quality and for splitting tracks; excellent sound [A-]

1 (waiting, setup, tuning), 2 your no longer a sweetheart of mine (soundcheck), 3 (waiting and instruction for crowd), 4 diamond joe (soundcheck), 5 (talk), 6 drifting with the tide (soundcheck), 7 (show intro), 8 your no longer a sweetheart of mine, 9 (talk), 10 freight train boogie, 11 interview, 12 no souveniers, 13 (talk), 14 panama red, 15 upcoming gig announcements

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