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Band:           Gent Treadly
Torrent Name:   Gent Treadly 2021-09-23 - Cosmo, NYC "Rocks Off Concert Cruise" - vgmtx.vgrm695.flac1648
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Description / text file:
Gent Treadly  
9/23/2021 -
Cosmo, NYC  
"11th Annual Musician's Aid Society Of New York Jubilee"  
"Rocks Off Concert Cruise"  

They brought a real party to the high seas of Manhattan last Thursday & the recording came out great so I thought y'all would like to check it out.  


...Set 1-  
1. tuning, intro
2. Shakedown Street ++
3. Do One Thing
4. Dear Prudence
5. Spanish Moon
6. I'm Telling Mommy **

...Set 2-  
1. tuning, noodling #
2. Scarlet Begonias>
3. Fire On the Mountain
4. Keep On Walking **
5. Fire On the Bayou @
6. Rikki Tikki Tavi @$$
7. Meet Me In the Morning @
8. China Cat Sunflower>
9. I Know You Rider **
10. So Long [][]
11. Turn On Your Love Light
12. Willin'
1. tuning, noodling ^^
2. Sunshine Superman
3. I Know You Rider
4. They Love Each Other **

++=w/ "get low>take your dead ass home! (say som’n nasty)" raps & "cissy strut" jam
#=w/ jamming along to "yalla yalla" house music
$$=dedicated to Paul J.Schupf
[][]=w/ "get low>take your dead ass home! (say som’n nasty)" raps
^^=incl."st.stephen, i'm popeye the sailor man, smooth criminal, sanford & son" teases

Total: 2:56:33  

...cover tunes & their corresponding artists/writers:  
"shakedown street" - Grateful Dead, artist (1st release on 11/15/1978);  Jerry Garcia/Robert Hunter, writers
"get low" - Lil Jon & The East Side Boyz feat.Ying Yang Twins, artist (1st release in 2003);  Elephant Man (O'Neil Norman Hughlin Bryan)/D-Roc (D'eongelo Holmes)/Kaine (Eric Von Jackson Jr.)/Big Sam (Sammie Norris)/Lil' Jon (Jonathan H.Smith), writers
"take your dead ass home! (say som’n nasty)" - Funkadelic, artist (1st release on 9/21/1976);  George Clinton/Glenn Goins/Garry Shider/Bernie Worrell, writers
"cissy strut" - the Meters, artist (1st release in 1969);  Ziggy Modeliste/Leo Nocentelli/George Porter Jr./Art Neville, writers
"dear prudence" - the Beatles, artist (1st release on 11/22/1968);  John Lennon, writer (credited to "Lennon–McCartney")
"spanish moon" - Little Feat, artist (1st release in April 1974);  Lowell George, writer
"yalla yalla" - Joe Strummer & the Mescaleros, artist (1st release on 10/18/1999);  Joe Strummer/Pablo Cook/Richard Norris, writers
"scarlet begonias" - Grateful Dead, artist (1st release on 6/27/1974);  Jerry Garcia/Robert Hunter, writers
"fire on the mountain" - Grateful Dead, artist (1st release on 11/15/1978);  Mickey Hart/Robert Hunter, writers
"fire on the bayou" - the Meters, artist (1st release in July 1975);  Leo Nocentelli/Ziggy Modeliste/Art Neville/Cyril Neville/George Porter Jr., writers
"meet me in the morning" - Bob Dylan, artist (1st recording on 9/16/1974);  Bob Dylan, writer
"china cat sunflower" - Grateful Dead, artist (1st release in June 1969);  Jerry Garcia/Robert Hunter, writers
"i know you rider" - Traditional Blues tune;  writer unknown;  Tossi Aaron, artist (1st recording in 1960 [as "i know you rider"]);  can be traced to Blind Lemon Jefferson's "Deceitful Brownskin Blues", released in 1927;  published as "Woman Blue" in 1934 in the book "American Ballads & Folk Songs", by John & Alan Lomax
"turn on your love light" - Bobby Bland, artist (1st recording on 9/27/1961);  Joseph Wade Scott/Deadric Malone (Don Robey), writers
"willing" - Johnny Darrell, artist (1st recording on 9/17/1969);  Lowell George, writer
"st.stephen" - Grateful Dead, artist (1st release on 11/10/1969);  Jerry Garcia/Robert Hunter/Phil Lesh, writers
"i'm popeye the sailor man" - Popeye (Billy Costello), artist (1st recording on 4/27/1935);  Sammy Lerner (original tune)/Winston Sharples (famous interpolation for cartoon), writers
"smooth criminal" - Michael Jackson, artist (1st release on 8/31/1987);  Michael Jackson, writer
"sanford & son theme - the streetbeater" - Bobby Forrester, artist (1st release in 1972);  Quincy Jones, writer
"sunshine superman" - Donovan, artist (1st release on 7/16/1966);  Donovan Phillips Leitch ("Donovan"), writer

Gregory Koerner - bass, vox, b.vox
Jonathan Koerner - guitar, vox, b.vox
Tom Kaelin - drums, djembe (@), b.vox
Mitch Marcus - keys, saxophone (**), b.vox
Matt McNulty - stunt guitar, b.vox, vox
Abou Diarrasouba - djembe, drums (@)
Rocky Friedlander - pedal steel guitar, shaker percussion

Matrix:  schoeps cmc621 (stage, dfc) + SBD (separate recording mix)>SD 744t>firewire>pc>WAV>Sound Forge 10.0 (Balance, PD&Norm, lc, Mix, FR, tracking, fades)>WAV>TLH>FLAC1648 (level 8)
foh sound, recorded, mixed, mast/remastered & info research by Bill Mulvey  

vanillag NOTES:  
--Super fun night out on the high seas of Manhattan!!  
--I cleanly removed the following small bits of little ringing feedback:  8 from Set 1, 11 from Set 2 & 3 from the soundcheck.  One must understand that this boat has a low, very unforgiving, hard steel ceiling & it's a major challenge to get things exactly perfect at all times...especially with a band like this that is emitting so much full, sonic force.  That being said, I think this came out fairly kick-ass.  

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