[bittorrent] Phish: 2021-09-05: Dick's Sporting Goods Park, Commerce City, CO: FOB: Schoeps MK22 (NOS) -> KCY -> VMS5u -> SD Mixpre 6ii

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Band:           Phish
Torrent Name:   Phish: 2021-09-05: Dick's Sporting Goods Park, Commerce City, CO: FOB: Schoeps MK22 (NOS) -> KCY -> VMS5u -> SD Mixpre 6ii
Uploaded by:    jadedphan
DB Link:        
Details:        http://bt.etree.org/details.php?id=614001

Contact the seeder at http://db.etree.org/jadedphan

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being non-trade-friendly.

Description / text file:
05 September 2021
Dick's Sporting Goods Park
Commerce City, CO

FOB: Schoeps MK22 (NOS) -> Schoeps KCY -> Schoeps VMS5U -> Mixpre 6ii 
dfc on stand approx. 6'6" @ 96/32

taped by 'Team No Drama'

transfer to CPU via USBc from Mixpre 6ii

transferred, edited (sum, normalize, track split & fades) using Sony  Vegas 16 pro, & FLAC'd 
(using Trader's Little Helper 8/8) by:

jadedphan (durhambrian at hotmail.com)

Much thanks to Andy Murray & Big Perm (Adam) Downs for clamp space and blocking aide

Set I:

01. rowdy wooks
02. The Moma Dance
03. McGrupp & the Watchful Horesemasters
04. Sand ->
05. Sigma Oasis ->
06. All of these Dreams
07. Reba
08. Bathtub Gin

Set II:

01. rowdy wooks
02. Set Your Soul Free ->
03. Lonely Trip
04. Simple ->
05. Catapult ->
06. Meatstick
07. Ruby Waves ->
08. Bliss ->
09. Billy Breathes
10. Most Events Aren't Planned ->
11. Harry Hood
12. encore break:
13. More ->
14. Say It to Me S.A.N.T.O.S.

Phish2021-09-05_FOB MK22_s01t01_rowdy wooks.flac:828733747a6e4b0d27dd60a3ca3cd835
Phish2021-09-05_FOB MK22_s01t02_The Moma Dance.flac:81321479c6433498a6ac8c52409f92a3
Phish2021-09-05_FOB MK22_s01t03_McGrupp & the Watchful Horsemasters.flac:79f2d4fa50d487bbbe3fa1a6ef92a0d3
Phish2021-09-05_FOB MK22_s01t04_Sand_.flac:cc76c724ff3ca8e4867586c86359290c
Phish2021-09-05_FOB MK22_s01t05_Sigma Oasis_.flac:04feae93bb5202cb699e9aaa3f4bdeda
Phish2021-09-05_FOB MK22_s01t06_All of these Dreams.flac:3ad1830c03ec3bf33296fb49064a1ab7
Phish2021-09-05_FOB MK22_s01t07_Reba.flac:af17e2e326033cb93c40a11f98578ad5
Phish2021-09-05_FOB MK22_s01t08_Bathtub Gin.flac:b8eabced452def0a0d262fcfa797a296
Phish2021-09-05_FOB MK22_s02t01_rowdy wooks.flac:18d017dd633d284885ad1925127d037b
Phish2021-09-05_FOB MK22_s02t02_Set your Soul Free.flac:98d791d7c3526e22095d92ecdc89e66d
Phish2021-09-05_FOB MK22_s02t03_Lonely Trip.flac:9896d3d97b4b28db2e5b4565fb0c7db1
Phish2021-09-05_FOB MK22_s02t04_Simple_.flac:02a9c9bccf7e9cb1dfd04b4c316811a8
Phish2021-09-05_FOB MK22_s02t05_Catapult_jam.flac:73414d5c4aa78d55c1d9fa7bf0bcf05c
Phish2021-09-05_FOB MK22_s02t06_Meatstick.flac:6eaf36620fda0c75edca9957219e69af
Phish2021-09-05_FOB MK22_s02t07_Ruby Waves_.flac:87ba0757cb0bf08e49e495ddc2bc2ec6
Phish2021-09-05_FOB MK22_s02t08_Bliss_.flac:e0a629885679e770e1ee0ffa940935a0
Phish2021-09-05_FOB MK22_s02t09_Billy Breathes.flac:519c545694ed0bf80c982ae53b9432a9
Phish2021-09-05_FOB MK22_s02t10_Most Events Aren't Planned_.flac:24e859ffd70e24db04e9857e2027d049
Phish2021-09-05_FOB MK22_s02t11_Harry Hood.flac:89b42bf3cfc60fa28cd14bbcfc347c3c
Phish2021-09-05_FOB MK22_s02t12_encore break.flac:c71c20d53f322501a4232c07f26d037a
Phish2021-09-05_FOB MK22_s02t13_More_.flac:d506f8e9c805ccfabc29342a87cc5a5b
Phish2021-09-05_FOB MK22_s02t14_ Say It to Me SANTOS.flac:62f702a42c258650d0f8e04e73a2cb0e

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