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Band:           Primus
Torrent Name:   Primus 2021-09-07 Bayou Music Center, Houston, TX (mrc0x)
Uploaded by:    TopHatTapes
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Description / text file:
Primus: A Tribute To Kings Tour
September 7th, 2021 (Tuesday)
Bayou Music Center
Houston, Texas

A mrc0x Recording

Zoom H1n (internal mics) @ 24/48 > .WAV > Wavepad Masters Edition (balance levels, amplify, tracking, 16/44) > flac (8) via TLH

Set 1:  56:53
01 intro
02 Those Damned Blue-Collar Tweekers
03 Harold of the Rocks
04 Houston banter
05 The Seven
06 Over the Falls
07 Last Salmon Man
08 Jilly's on Smack
09 My Name is Mud > 
10 Jerry Was a Race Car Driver > 
11 My Name is Mud (Reprise) 

Set 2:  72:07
12 A Farewell to Kings
13 Xanadu
14 Rush banter
15 Closer to the Heart
16 Cinderella Man
17 Madrigal
18 Cygnus X-1
19 Iowan Gal 
20 Too Many Puppies > 
21 Sgt. Baker > 
22 Pudding Time > 
23 Tommy the Cat > 
24 Lacquer Head > 
25 Tommy the Cat (Reprise)
26 Southbound Pachyderm

Rescheduled from May 27th, 2020.  Recorded from the floor; the recorder was set to auto-level.  Sounds quite good, just a little un-even in the more dynamic parts of the show.  Bob was on the setlist, but was not performed.  Les' wife Chaney was celebrating her birthday, so he played the song he wrote for her, Iowan Gal, during the encore.  

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