[bittorrent] Phish- The Gorge 2021-08-29 SUN MBHO 603 Cards FOB Eman

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Band:           Phish
Torrent Name:   Phish- The Gorge 2021-08-29 SUN MBHO 603 Cards FOB Eman
Uploaded by:    e_dubs
DB Link:        
Details:        http://bt.etree.org/details.php?id=613782

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If the link to this show does not work, it was probably removed for
being non-trade-friendly.

Description / text file:
The Gorge
George, WA
MBHO 603 Cards-UA5 dmod- Sony M10
rec @24/48
FOB ~40 back 8' left of center 5.5ft high approx ORTF angled up ~20deg
Rec by Eric Wilkens

01. Cool Amber and Mercury
02. Moma Dance
03. Free
04. Lonely Trip
04. How Many People are You
05. Bathtub Gin
06. Back on the Train
07. My Friend My Friend
08. Rift
09. Character Zero

10. Mr. Completely
11. Meat
12. Crosseyed and Painless
13. Saw It Again
14. The Mango Song
15. Everything's Right
16. Beneath a Sea of Stars Pt 1
17. I Always Wanted it this Way

18. Shine a Light
19. First Tube

Photos by Eric Wilkens Sony HX50V please credit if you use

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