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Band:           Widespread Panic
Torrent Name:   10/31/2019 Halloween  UNO Lakefront Arena Flac16 Schoeps 64>V3 Fisher
Uploaded by:    nfisher2
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Description / text file:
Widespread Panic
UNO Lakefront Arena
New Orleans, LA

source: Schoeps mk4(ORTF)> kc5 > cmc6 > Lunatec V3> Tascam HPD2
location: 1st row seats directly behind soundboard. Stand @ 7.25 ft
DSP: SD> SoundForge Pro 10 (fades, dither, resample) > cdwave > MP3Tag> TLH flac(8)
recorded & seeded: Nate Fisher

"Andy Kaufman continues to be respected for the variety of his characters, his uniquely counterintuitive approach to comedy, and his willingness to provoke negative and confused reactions from audiences"

Set 1	(66 mins)

01 Intro 1
02 Chicken Strut*
03 Hey Pocky Way**
04 Papa Legba
05 One Arm Steve 
06 Love Tractor
07 Hatfield 
08 All Time Low 
09 Pilgrims
10 Knocking 'Round The Zoo 

Set 2	(87 mins)

01 Intro Mighty Mouse 
02 Henry Parsons Died 
03 Surprise Valley  > 
04 Arleen > 
05 Surprise Valley 
06 Old Neighborhood
07 Holden Oversoul
08 Spoonful
09 Tall Boy
10 Perfect Day*** 
11 Starman****
12 Man On The Moon*****
13 Porch Song 
14 crowd

Encore	I 

15 Trusted You******
16 This Friendly World****
17 Volare*******
18 Tacos******* /

Notes	* w/ George Porter Jr. on bass & vocals; Dave on rubber chicken & vocals
** w/ George Porter Jr on bass & vocals 
*** w/ Mike Mills on keys
**** w/ Mike Mills on guitar & vocals
***** w/ Mike Mills on bass & vocals
****** w/ Dave on vocals only; Mike Mills on guitar; Duane on bass; Sunny on drum kit
******* w/ JoJo as Tony Clifton on vocals
- First Time Plays: 'Chicken Strut' (The Meters), 'Hey Pocky Way' (The Meters), 'Perfect Day' (Lou Reed), 'Starman' (David Bowie), 'Man On The Moon' (R.E.M.), 'I Trusted You' (Andy Kaufman), 'This Friendly World' (Fabian), 'Volare' (Dean Martin)
- Last Time Plays: 'Knocking 'Round The Zoo' 5/04/17 Jazz Fest (94 shows), 'Spoonful' 10/08/14 Montgomery (271 shows), 'Tacos' 9/25/95 Oxford (1,799 shows)
- Paul (Dave's tech) in JoJo's costume and on keys entire encore to stop smoking
- Show ended with fan altercation on stage during 'Tacos'

Andy Kaufman Theme
JB: Andy as Elvis on Tonight Show/Letterman	Dave: Andy as bus boy at Cafe du Monde
Jimmy: Andy at Carnegie hall for Christmas Spectacular	Sunny: Andy doing stand-up at Comedy Store
JoJo: Andy as Latka Gravas on Taxi	Duane: Andy as lady wrestler in ring
Unknown: Andy sidestage eating dinner at Improv

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