[bittorrent] corrected__Phish: 2021-08-15: Atlantic Beach, Atlantic City, NJ: FOB: Schoeps MK22 (nos) -> nbobs -> Sonosax SX-M2 -> SD Mixpre 6ii @32/24

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Fri Sep 3 16:16:19 UTC 2021

Band:           Phish
Torrent Name:   corrected__Phish: 2021-08-15: Atlantic  Beach, Atlantic City, NJ: FOB: Schoeps MK22 (nos) -> nbobs -> Sonosax SX-M2 -> SD Mixpre 6ii @32/24
Uploaded by:    jadedphan
DB Link:        
Details:        http://bt.etree.org/details.php?id=613681

Contact the seeder at http://db.etree.org/jadedphan

If the link to this show does not work, it was probably removed for
being non-trade-friendly.

Description / text file:
***Corrected for mis-tracked songs in set II of original torrent***

corrected 2021-08-31, for all who care.  Also, we support mental health 
issues at Team No Drama, so please enjoy this one time free rambling of 
senior staff writer
and core member of Team No Drama write a ten page .txt update while in the 
throws of a (semi-controlled) manic episode.  We encourage all employees to 
do what they gotta do to ensure brightest of outcomes in hunting sunny days 
and warm fuzzies.

How to correct this issue:


1.) original uploaded second set files that 
occurred after ghost (the ghost track is correct) through the end of 
the Tweeprise encore; 

2) likewise make SURE to delete original text, ffp, and torrent files
BEFORE starting your download, or your checksums may not reflect
the updated text and ffp files, thus never finish correctly.  


3.) simply delete the entire original set of downloaded files, and
don't forget to delete/destroy that old, crusty, incorrect let down 
of a torrent file itself, and then download a crispy, freshly 
corrected file set from the etree.org corrected link posted 

**PLEASE NOTE** All new versions of those files listed above will be 
marked _corrected_ somewhere in their new file names.


PLEASE try and get rid of those original files; SERIOUSLY, just delete
them before they leave you embarrassed for showing up without a 
proper chalkdust toture ID in your collection, as well as incorrect 
numbers of songs played after Ghost.

don't share the poorly tracked file sets any further than We 
already have done with our original errors being released on the 
inter-web for a week or so now, before we discovered our faux pas.

6.) For the musical health of your fellow users of the Team No Drama
audio archiving service:

PLEASE take the time to re-download this corrected version
if it's gonna be one you listen to, end up holding onto, or happen
to share with others.  Remember! it takes the efforts of all end users
working together to rid the ether of a bad torrent.  To ensure maximum
quality and expediacy of service, remember to fully participate, and 
at the bare mimimum don't leave your BT client seeding known eroneous
crap original downloads.  

7.) For those dipping their toes into our recordings considering 
taking full advantage of membership benefits, people who like to 
download music but don't appreciate the 96 kHz, 24 bit resolutions, 
don't appreciate that we refuse to reduce the quality, and therefore
size of our files, simply browsing our services, 
as well as our less-valued but still appreciated users who have no 
desire to archive this source, and definitely don't intend to keep 
or share the show with others anyhow, you luckily have the option of 
not redownloading, and I wouldn't waste the time; If strictly playing 
the recording from top to bottom contiguosly serves your needs 
adequately, NEVER FEAR!  Your set II will play just fine! In 
correct order, and in it's entirety and your original downloads 
should serve your needs....you simply don't get the privalidge of 
being able to accurately skip right to the starting notes of 
Chalkdust Torture as it segues out of a slightly belaboured version 
of Scents and Subtle Sounds.

and, for today's fwiw bonus rambling paragraphs, today's copy editor 
would like to side note he is constantly downloading other shows and 
sources seeded by other fine quality audio concert recordists, more 
lovingly referred to as tapers in certain circles, that he has zero 
interest in keeping.  Our editor oftens wants to check out other 
professionals from other teams and companies providing similar 
services to Team No Drama, for a variety of reasons.  Sometimes he 
just enjoys the featured artist, other times enjoys 
listening to a specific source that uses many of the same components 
Team No Drama employs, for comparison and potential personal taping 
development of our road staff.  Othertimes, he may want to hear how 
other professional amateur recordists prefer to run their equipment; 
which mics and pres they tend to prefer to pair together, or how much
saturation a preamp can handle before distortion; and honestly, for any of
a myriad of other ressons, professional, private, or partying out to 
a fellow taper's efforts.  Today's copy editor oftens spends time 
checking out many types and styles of recordings, that he has zero
intention of keeping after gleaning what he set out to accomplish by 
spending time listening and thinking about funny shaped turtle clouds, 
or the timeless trends in face planting into rok, etc.  Often times,
other "tapers" may want to compare a similar recording from the same 
venue and same artist, using very similar equipment, in order to 
observe, learn, and in some cases teach how each recording outcome 
can vary in a plthora of ways, noting how the differences are 
sometimes stark and glaringly unacceptible to Team standards, 
while other times being schooled by other professionals who more 
effectively captured a rendition true to the performace experience 
itself.  We at Team No Drama also greatly enjoy paying attention to 
more subtle and nuanced difference in outcomes, which are produced 
via slight difference in choices of basic and advanced settings 
and in gain staging, in order to create a desired outcome that 
expresses the taper's own personal tastes, savvy, or preferred 
applications of everyone's favoirte varities of sound capturing 
technology. We as a team often discus other teams' favorite methods to 
utilize equipment for similar services, or reinforce own our notions 
of why we do what we do our way.  Regardless, we at Team No Drama 
have no interest in how many times our seeds are served, nor whether 
you download and delete, share, or forget you own. 
we just want to maintain the quality our end users have come to 
expect and cherish when using Team No Drama recordings. 

We do not support nasty or unkind judgements on any recordists'
knowledge base, experience resume, or gear list, but do enjoy 
checking out how a particular recordist achieves a sonic landscape 
they find pleasure delivered through a recording that lovingly caresses 
the creative areas ofone's frontal cortex, or what we prefer differently/or
Wwhat we covet from other tapers' efforts (e.g. we don't put up with little
nug gobblin Mikey's in our areas).

** please note **

if incorrect technical anatomy of brain is cited for creativity 
in the above incoherent, irrelvant rambling train of thoughts ever 
produced for a text info file, displeased users may submit complaints
and correction suggestions to another of our highly valued team 
"core members;" we would like to tk=ake this opportunity to introduce you
to Sammy, who has over twenty years providing whatever it takes to crush an 
event, ensure a stellar time is had by all, and a No Drama founding member 
who specializes in the subtly of fucking off assholes.  This specialty of 
not getting uptight over stupid shit that many lesser mortals seem to thrive
on, and even look for, or those dick users we all know who must boast over 
how great and non smelly, and always perfectly formed, clean logs they shit out.  

One of our best employees known for how he handles situations when 
ignoring and not validating how important someone's ego is 
to themselves is the neccessary and proper reaction in these cases, and Sam
handles traditional displays of one-uppsman bullshit by acting only vaguely 
disinterested, and one who never displays awe at some wook's "greatness."  
ammy routinely and quite effectively handles whiney complainers, 
negative nancies, and generally offensive, unpleasant and less than standup 
citizens, in ways that typically leave those parties left wondering 
whether he was under their sway, or if he didn't just dismiss them 
outright while not aggressively mocking or embarrassing those with 
shit for personalities.  These masterful interactions usually leave 
less than desirable people uncomfortable, and less sure of themselves
than when they started, and typically results in our Team's desired outcome
 - the removal of the unfun person, their ego, baggae and drama, but not 
directly hostile or overtly combative, achieving high percentages of said 
unfun peoples to lose interest in returning for further boasts at a latter 
time, due to lack of receiving emotional attention from our Team members, 
and Sammy is a prime example of our values here at No Drama.
The successful mission of discouraging an unpleasant person's continued 
presence, and desire for interaction/adulation expressing the bum's 
overinflasted self image, yet never directly insulting or calling bullshit, 
much to the extreme relief and downright pleasure of most of the others 
participating in the shared concert experience.

Easy going with the world, no use for those "doing nothing good for our 
world at large" ruffians and scofflaws, and dissauding the continued shitty 
behavior of many an obknoxious person, whether some new rando or long time 
"big wig in their own minds," who as been on the scene for a fair bit.

We highly value that skill at Team No Drama, so feel free to waste his time
when you just have to correct someone.  Facade of granite, heart of gold.

Services proudly offered all include allowing others to bitch and moan, 
yet never make them feel completely ignored, but masterfully insuring that 
the obnoxious booger can tell he's just not as appreciated as (s)he expected 
their presence would merrit.

As long as you feel the need to vent, and leaving frustrated complainers 
unsure of a final resaoltuion, Sammy is our go to employee for simply running
off those with bad vibes, while actively setting the tone for how we roll.  

We see it as a highly desired skill set for interfacing with this type of 
public on any kind of routine, and this copywriter definitely hasn't the 
deft touch that Sam brings, the subtlty of Sam's fuck you to crummy people; 
nor has he mastered just holding his tongue when someone is obusing another's
mental or physical health, etc. Jadedphan tends to result in much 
more heated confrontations when they are called for, because as a founding 
member of Team No Drama and attempts at achieving maxmium fun, I am willing
and experienced to be "that guy," you know, when you need someone to just 
say what really ought to be said to an offending scumbag, after more 
indirect and calmer, subtler approaches have failed, and who gets out into 
the open what many also feel, but prefer not to be confrontational.  I never
look for trouble, and am not much for physically fighting, but completely 
comfortable handling the person and the situation they have created, and dealing  
how the shit rolls down hill. to be "that guy" when 
it's time that something must be said or dealt with, is great, as long as you have put in the work to not "be that guy, unless one of those guys is needed..  
Fluent in 50 wook 
dialects, jadedphan is quite adept at keeping the spunions moving on, without
creating tension, unless said wook is actively working against the enjoyment of the 
experience of those around them.

We at team no drama know you have many levels of recording options,
and appreciate your continued support.  We look forward to keeping your 
stereos banging into the new age of tomorrow.

** message from senior management at team no drama**

Much apologies all; we realize we've done this multiple times for a
few of our seeds this tour already, and hope you'll hang in there
with us as we remedy our mess.

Also, as we value your continued participation in the ever churning
circus organ grinder of a life well lived, starting today and moving
forward we are pleased to announce all future text info files moving forward
will be including contact info for one of our esteemed customer
service representatives.  We will be providing premier electronic
mail service address contact info to our most valued clients in the txt files moving forward.  

Should you discover that you EVER receive your files, and FOR ANY
ANY REASON don't feel as if they live up to the level of effort and
'tegridy you have come to love and expect from Team No Drama efforts
and excellence in the past, provided from our humble, cuddly, but (not overly)
muscular employees, DO NOT HESITATE to let us know via the provided
contact if you EVER find a mistake, or a truncated file/tune,
or anything not up to par, or if you'd just care to inform us that
Team No Drama's efforts for xxx recording of yyy artist with qqq mic
rig really just sucks it from the back big time, and that you would
prefer to log your concerns as soon as possible after discovery, we
will efficiently and swiftly remedy the issue as soon as we can after
being made aware, and will attempt not to ever make you feel the
disappointment that comes with outcomes not up to the standard
listed and expected.

AND AGAIN, FEEL FREE AND ENCOURAGED (we rarely bruise easily here) to always voice your concerns in a safe and positive environment,
and just hate knowing that we failed to circulate the utmost quality
of data files etc, and would appreciate being informed so we can more
adequately train Our Team to better serve your needs.
Those who know us here at No Drama, will recognize the ramblings of
our senior staff writer today.  We try, but his manic mind and mouth
just won't quit somedays, especially at THE GIVEN MOMENT.  

Please address any concerns or corrections, etc., found in any public 
offering we make to:


at the following electronic mail delivery address:

durhambrian at hotmail.com

for fastest service in the future.

For a guarentted non response to complaints of any thing other than torrents of shows we
provided, either look for Sammy at a venue near you, or leave a message on 
our toll free whine line, 1-555-get-fuct

(final source notes before we return you to your regularly scheduled
text info and corrected checksum file)

**NOTE: once again some spun wook screwed up the tracking:
the original torrent had Scents & Subtle Sounds -> Chalkdust Torture
as one long tune, without an appropriate track split.

**effective immediately**

said wookie has been demoted to second team gaff tape remover;
envelope glue applicator; routine driver of the Team vehicle while
other more valued members are taking me time to catch up on their sleep;
a fella who's just the perfect spunion to point and giggle over;
and guy who has to constantly be the one retrieving items, putting
out fires, or handling the interactions with people we lovingly
refer to as normies at 3:45 am because the rest of the team isn't as
nutty, and nowhere near as disarming as our lowly wook editor
** recently demoted from main gear mule, and editor of digital fine
arts and media, effective immediately**

We now return you to your correct text info, and thank you for
choosing Team No Drama for all your twisted, raging,
twinkling and sparkly, and face be melted into puddles needs.  We
look forward to serving you again soon!

14 August 2021
Atlantic Beach
Atlantic City, NJ

taped by: 'Team No Drama'


FOB: Schoeps MK22 (nos) -> nbobs actives -> PSP3 -> SD Mixpre 6ii @ 96 kHz, 32 bit float
dfc, 6 1/2' on stand

Transfer: SD mixpre 6 ii -> USBc -> CPU

transferred, and edited by jadedphan: channels summed, fades in/out added, normalized (-.2), and dithered to 24 bit
in Sony Vegas Pro 16

Set I:

01. rowdy wooks
02. Llama (slow)
03. Tube
04. Destiny Unbound
05. Ya Mar
06. 46 Days
07. Reba
08. Soul Shakedown Party
09. Split Open & Melt
10. The Squirming Coil

Set II:

01. rowdy wooks
02. I Never Needed You Like This Before
03. Drowned ->
04. Ghost ->
05. Scents & Subtle Sounds ->
06. Chalk dust Torture ->
07. No Quarter ->
08. Slave to the Traffic Light
09. Suzy Greenburg
10. encore break:
11. A Life Beyond the Dream ->
12. Tweezer Reprise

Phish2021-08-14_FOB MK22_s01t01_rowdy wooks.flac:5188b21deeacb6ae5f5380f7e8661f6f
Phish2021-08-14_FOB MK22_s01t02_Llama (Slow).flac:8e34527eefaa846c975377306f0fdac5
Phish2021-08-14_FOB MK22_s01t03_Tube.flac:d908aeb364f1d1da73245b92bc17104e
Phish2021-08-14_FOB MK22_s01t04_Destiny Unbound.flac:dae22e0393dfca3f297e14ebf14689b5
Phish2021-08-14_FOB MK22_s01t05_Ya Mar.flac:959c5d0008a715d2308532f3a380c65f
Phish2021-08-14_FOB MK22_s01t06_46 Days.flac:f20f2194f245d22b13c5332dcd4ffdce
Phish2021-08-14_FOB MK22_s01t07_Reba.flac:1282950158bbd3a50f0d4200aabfcc50
Phish2021-08-14_FOB MK22_s01t08_Soul Shakedown Party.flac:bd74d8a2caa964160a50ea6cf88e19ca
Phish2021-08-14_FOB MK22_s01t09_Split Open & Melt.flac:21666b1bc5ad9106ab989ea892b0979e
Phish2021-08-14_FOB MK22_s01t10_The Squirming Coil.flac:a68d4238ea8066062bbb8fa30d2eaac2
Phish2021-08-14_FOB MK22_s02t01_rowdy wooks.flac:bd5e885e244b37fecc75226677ab442d
Phish2021-08-14_FOB MK22_s02t02_I Never Needed You Like This Before.flac:2afe654128ea08920df173afe4e3c9a0
Phish2021-08-14_FOB MK22_s02t03_Drowned_.flac:456f6f30e072d1bea2ab90021d89b0bd
Phish2021-08-14_FOB MK22_s02t04_Ghost_.flac:3c628e22809af30fe1ee2eeb1411541d
Phish2021-08-14_FOB MK22_s02t05_Scents & Subtle Sounds_.flac:b289b63b19ba0ad75f760e59b0f5055e
Phish2021-08-14_FOB MK22_s02t06_Chalkdust Torture_.flac:7e2c46a5af2053e2dea0e69106d45e8e
Phish2021-08-14_FOB MK22_s02t07_No Quarter.flac:2e596c32f9fecca1c1c51c99cfb571e5
Phish2021-08-14_FOB MK22_s02t08_Slave to the Traffic Light.flac:238b9622c8aa2a44f42e64f1db991776
Phish2021-08-14_FOB MK22_s02t09_Suzy Greenberg.flac:a63d7661daff334a8bf25fc611f4d30f
Phish2021-08-14_FOB MK22_s02t10_encore break.flac:131f57687f12410cd1d9c1122dc7ad08
Phish2021-08-14_FOB MK22_s02t11_A Life Beyond the Dream_.flac:0c799215ca1945946d203712b48d0485
Phish2021-08-14_FOB MK22_s02t12_Tweezer Reprise.flac:e84a92708ba4bfddeea91dfe302d1ace

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