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Band:           Govt Mule
Torrent Name:   Gov't Mule 1996-04-03.flac24
Uploaded by:    dfries
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Description / text file:
Gov't Mule
Lost Horizon, Syracuse, NY
April 3, 1996

Track list:

01 Pygmy Twylyte (Frank Zappa) / Blind Man In The Dark
02 Mother Earth 
03 Temporary Saint
04 Gameface
05 Birth of the Mule
06 Mr Big
07 Trane (w/ Eternity's Breath / St. Stephen / I Shall Be Released jams)
08 Painted Silver Light
09 Presence of the Lord (Blind Faith cover)
10 Mule
11 John the Revelator
12 I Put a Spell on You (Jay Hawkins)
13 Gonna Send You Back to Georgia
(Second Encore)
14 Young Man Blues
Warren Haynes - vocals and guitar
Matt Abts - drums
Alan Woody - bass guitar

Run time: 1 h 52 min 56 sec
Format: FLAC 24 bit/48 kHZ and AAC (vbr)

House audio remastered by Dillon Fries (August 2021).

*** This is a remaster of the recording shared by Terry Sullivan.  The previous text is here: ***

"Gov't Mule
 Lost Horizon
 Syracuse ,New York

 Source: Soundboard>Sony D-10 Pro II

 Dat Transfer: Sony D-10 Pro II>SP/DIF>Sound Devices 702  @16/48    June 2021

 Compacty Flash Transfer: CD Wave Editor>Traders Little Helper F.L.A.C. Encoded

 Location: @ Soundboard         Taper: Terry Sullivan

 01 Pygmy Twylyte>Blind Man In The Dark
 02 Mother Earth 
 03 Temporary Saint
 04 Gameface> 
 05 Mr. Big
 06 Trane >St. Stephen Jam>3rd Stone Jam>Trane
 07 Painted Silver Light> 
 08 In The Presence Of The Lord 
 09 Mule > Who Do You Love?> Mule
 10 John The Revelator> 
 11 I Put A Spell On You 
 12 I'm Gonna Send You Back To Georgia
 13 Young Mule Blues>Good Morning Little Schoolgirl>Young Mule Blues

 Yet Another 25 Year Old DAT Master Transfered Perfect"

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