[bittorrent] Galactic - 1997-01-22 Varsity Music Hall, Tuscaloosa AL

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Band:           Galactic
Torrent Name:   Galactic - 1997-01-22 Varsity Music Hall, Tuscaloosa AL
Uploaded by:    peltor
DB Link:        
Details:        http://bt.etree.org/details.php?id=614039

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Description / text file:
Galactic - 1997 01/22 Varsity Music Hall, Tuscaloosa AL

DAUD (unknown mic/taper) > analog (cassette) master >
TEAC W-1200 > SoundForge (wav) [tracking, fades] > FLAC (xACT)
Conversion from analog B.Irby 2021

01 Paul's Fantasy
02 Volcanic Acne
03 Go Go
04 Ain't It Funky Now
05 Happy Birthday
06 Charlie Dozen
07 Church
08 Something's Wrong With This Picture
09 Ready, Willing And Able
10 My Mind Is Hazy
11 Black-Eyed Pea / Drums
12 Rigor Mortis
13 Tippi-Toes
14 Funky Bird
15 I'm A Ram
16 Just Kissed My Baby >
17 Goodnight

Stanton Moore (drums)
Robert Mercurio (bass)
Jeff Raines (guitar)
Rich Vogel (keys)
Theryl "Houseman" DeClouet (vocal)
Jason Mingledorff (tenor sax)

- Tape flip after "Something's Wrong..."

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