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Fri Jun 25 13:27:18 UTC 2021

Band:           Widespread Panic
Torrent Name:   wsp1997-07-01.unk.152694.flac1644
Uploaded by:    jmitchell
DB Link:        
Details:        http://bt.etree.org/details.php?id=613015

Contact the seeder at http://db.etree.org/jmitchell

If the link to this show does not work, it was probably removed for
being non-trade-friendly.

Description / text file:
Widespread Panic
Ranch Bowl
Omaha, NE

Source:  Unknown Audience Recording
Transfer:  SHN > WAV > Samplitude Pro X5 > TLH > FLAC
Transfer by Jeff Mitchell (jeffhmitchell at gmail.com)
Seeded to etree 2021-06-25

Set 1
s1t01 - Galleon >
s1t02 - Do What You Like >
s1t03 - Better Off
s1t04 - Radio Child
s1t05 - 1x1 >
s1t06 - C. Brown >
s1t07 - Sandbox >
s1t08 - Just Kissed My Baby >
s1t09 - Makes Sense To Me

Set 2
s2t01 - Dirty Business
s2t02 - Ain't Life Grand
s2t03 - LA >
s2t04 - Tall Boy
s2t05 - Aunt Avis >
s2t06 - Tie Your Shoes >
s2t07 - Bear's Gone Fishin' >
s2t08 - Drums >
s2t09 - Contentment Blues >
s2t10 - Proving Ground
s2t11 - Encore Break

s2t12 - Feelin' Alright

[First 'Bear's Gone Fishin''; Played on a sand volleyball court; Instrumental 'Bear's Gone Fishin''; 'Night People' rap during 'Just Kissed My Baby'; Soundcheck: 'Bear's Gone Fishin'', 'She Caught The Katy'; Yellowman played on a separate stage inside the bar]

- this source is different than the other two sources for this show, https://etreedb.org/shn/19539, & https://etreedb.org/shn/93060
- the beginning of the show and Galleon was missing; 19539 was used to patch the first 25 seconds
- there was some diginoise between Do What You Like and Better Off; 19539 was used as a patch
- the original files had a fade out at the end of Ain't Life Grand, and the beginning of LA had a fade in (cd1 and cd2); 19539 was used to make it seamless
- there was a fade out at the end of Proving Ground and a fade in before Feelin' Alright; 19539 was used to fill in the missing portions of the encore break

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