[bittorrent] Yo La Tengo 12.06.10 - Maxwell's Hoboken, NJ *Matrix*

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Band:           Yo La Tengo
Torrent Name:   Yo La Tengo 12.06.10 - Maxwell's Hoboken, NJ *Matrix*
Uploaded by:    DustinSunshine
DB Link:        
Details:        http://bt.etree.org/details.php?id=612964

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Description / text file:
Yo La Tengo
Hoboken, NJ  USA

An acidjack master recording
Recorded and produced by acidjack for nyctaper.com

Equipment: Schoeps CMC6/mk41+SBD>Edirol R-44 [Oade Concert Mod] (24/48)
Position: LOC, clamp to soundboard booth, mics at about 7.5ft, pointed at stacks
Mastering: 2x24bit/48kHz WAV>Audacity (mixdown, set fades, tracking, amplify and balance, downsample to 16/44.1)>FLAC ( level 8 )

Tracks [Total Time 1:45:12]

01 My Heart's Reflection
02 Barnaby, Hardly Working [with Tara Key on guitar]
03 Styles of the Times [with TK]
04 Stockholm Syndrome [with TK]
05 Tears Are In Your Eyes [with Mikael Jorgenson of Wilco on keyboards]
06 She May Call You Up Tonight [The Left Banke] [with MJ]
07 banter
08 Shut Up [The Monks] [with MJ]
09 Avalon or Someone Very Similar [with MJ]
10 [banter]
11 If It's True [with MJ]
12 You Can Have It All [George McCrea] [with MJ]
13 I Wanna Be Your Lover [Bob Dylan] [with MJ]
14 Upside Down [with MJ]
15 This Ain't the Summer of Love [Blue Oyster Cult] [with MJ]
16 Little Honda [Beach Boys] with MJ and audience members]
17 More Stars Than There Are In Heaven (boogie version) [with MJ]
18 encore break
19 Red Rubber Ball [Paul Simon]
20 [banter]
21 Do You Remember That? [Amy Rigby] [with Amy Rigby and Wreckless Eric]
22 I Get Out of Breath [The Turtles] [with AR and WE]
23 [banter]
24 Whole Wide World [with AR and WE]
25 [banter]
26 Nothing [The Fugs] [with TK, MJ, AR, Gil Divine, Mofungo]

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