[bittorrent] Solar Circus - 04.10.93 - Warfield Theatre - San Francisco, CA

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Band:           Solar Circus
Torrent Name:   Solar Circus - 04.10.93 - Warfield Theatre - San Francisco, CA
Uploaded by:    DustinSunshine
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Details:        http://bt.etree.org/details.php?id=612958

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Description / text file:
Solar Circus
Warfield Theater
San Francisco, Ca

"Opening for Hot Tuna and Taj Mahal"

Source:  Bands Archive DAT Master
Dan Tepper ñ Sound Engineer
<=>Dan Tepper's - Matrix Recording<=>
(SBD + Processed AKG414 Mix)

Tansfer/Mastering: Panasonic SV-3800 -> Berringer Ultra-DI Pro DI800 -> Presonus Tube Pre-Amp -> BBE 882i -> FW-410 (Apogee SPDIF) -> M-Audio 1010LT -> wavelab @16/44.1 (levels check/adjust) -> CDwave -> flacfrontend L8 -> Checksums/shntool via. Traders Little Helper

Tom Donovan ñ Lead Vocals Guitar
Mark Diomede ñ Vocals Lead Guitar
Charles Mitchell  ñ Drums   
Pete Sears - Keyboards

-/\-ONE SET-/\-

***CD One***
d1t01 Announcement
d1t02 Spin Song
d1t03 Sitting in the Past ->
d1t04 Drums ->
d1t05 Festival
d1t06 Better Things
d1t07 Let it Go
d1t08 Daybreak
Show Total: [45:55]

Transferred, mastered and lossless compression by mtownshend at adelphia.net

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