[bittorrent] Dave Matthews Band 1995-03-08 State Theater, Kalamazoo, MI (SBD Remaster)

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Band:           Dave Matthews Band
Torrent Name:   Dave Matthews Band 1995-03-08 State Theater, Kalamazoo, MI (SBD Remaster)
Uploaded by:    dfries
DB Link:        
Details:        http://bt.etree.org/details.php?id=612924

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Description / text file:
Dave Matthews Band
State Theater, Kalamazoo, MI
March 8, 1995
Dancing Nancies
So Much To Say	
Lie In Our Grave
Jimi Thing	
Rhyme And Reason
Recently (some do, some don't)
Water into Wine
Ants Marching	
All Along The Watchtower

Dave Matthews - acoustic guitar and vocals
Boyd Tinsley - Violin and backing vocals
Carter Beauford - drums and backing vocals
Stefan Lessard - bass
Leroi Moore - woodwinds
Tim Reynolds - guitar

Run time: 1 h 30 min 34 sec
Format: FLAC 16 bit/44.1 kHZ

Sound board mix remastered by D. Fries (2021).

*** This is a remaster of the files shared by Mark Lynn and Louie Rendek.  The previous text is here: ***

"Dave Matthews Band
March 8, 1995
State Theatre
Kalamazoo, MI

Source: 	DSBD (Seekup is DAUD)

Conversion: 	Fostex D5 > Tascam CDRW700
	 	Mark Lynn

CD > SHN:	Plextor 8/20 and EAC 0.85b4 secure mode:  all tracks 100%
		CDWAV used for retracking
		Louie Rendek <ljr7 at po.cwru.edu>

**  seeded by Rob Hartman <rhart at firstworld.net> and Louie Rendek <ljr7 at po.cwru.edu>

Track 	|		Name			|	Time (m:s)
d1t01		Intro					00:39.08
d1t02		Seekup					12:55.04
d1t03		Dancing Nancies				09:27.24
d1t04		Satellite				05:17.23
d1t05		So Much To Say				04:15.69
d1t06		Lie In Our Graves			08:16.46
d1t07		Jimi Thing				12:55.67

d1 totals 						53:47.16

d2t01		Disc Two intro				00:32.38
d2t02		Rhyme And Reason			05:33.43
d2t03		Recently (some do, some don't) ->	03:42.51
d2t04		Water Wine jam ->			01:16.07
d2t05		#36 ->					09:51.27
d2t06		Ants Marching				08:11.13
d2t07		E:  All Along The Watchtower		07:44.05

d2 totals 						36:51.34

*	Seekup is cut at the very end as the taper switched to DSBD.
*	Nancies starts abruptly.
*	There is a slight buzz that can be heard in the background of quite spots.

* compiled by Louie Rendek <ljr7 at po.cwru.edu>"

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