[bittorrent] Jeff Tweedy - Seatgeek Stadium, Bridgeview, IL 06-04-21 (48kHz-24bit FLAC)

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Band:           Jeff Tweedy
Torrent Name:   Jeff Tweedy - Seatgeek Stadium, Bridgeview, IL 06-04-21 (48kHz-24bit FLAC)
Uploaded by:    dfez
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Description / text file:
Jeff Tweedy
Seatgeek Stadium, Bridgeview, IL
"Drive-In at Seatgeek Stadium" (West Parking Lot)
June 4, 2021


01 Love Is the King
02 A Robin or a Wren
03 High as Hello
04 Low Key
05 Bad Day Lately
06 Flowering
07 Opaline
08 Half-Asleep
09 Gwendolyn
10 Having Been Is No Way to Be
11 Don't Forget
12 I Know What It's Like
13 Guaranteed
14 Summer Noon
15 Evergreen
16 Family Ghost
17 Bombs Above
18 Some Birds
19 New Moon
20 Natural Disaster
21 Guess Again
22 Let's Go Rain
23 -Encore Horn Break-
24 Even I Can See
25 I Wanna Be Your Mama Again
26 Love Like a Wire
27 You Are Not Alone
28 Don't Let Me Down
29 Give Back the Key to My Heart
30 California Stars

Recorded by Fez
West parking lot behind Seatgeek Stadium.  Row 6 Just left of center. 
Recorded w/ Earthwork 77's->Lunatec V3 Preamp-> M-Audio Microtrack II-> WAV 48/24-> 
Adobe Audition-> Individual Exported WAV files 48/24-> Media Monkey-> FLAC 48/24

Was great to hear Jeff this night, just not the ideal conditions.  Very windy early on in the set.  
The train was cool behind us. Almost like there was an cosmic hand in sounding that train whistle during "Love Is the King"  
Not so sure about the landfill...  Can't wait to be back in normal settings for concerts:)
It was a b-day show for my son who was away in Oregon.  Glad he can listen to it.
One last note. That was a friend, Wallace P trying to sell our 2009 Subaru.  We shall never part with it!
Enjoy, Cheers!

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