[bittorrent] Dave Matthews Band 1995-05-19 Sam Boyd Silver Bowl, Las Vegas, NV (SBD Remaster)

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Band:           Dave Matthews Band
Torrent Name:   Dave Matthews Band 1995-05-19 Sam Boyd Silver Bowl, Las Vegas, NV (SBD Remaster)
Uploaded by:    dfries
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Details:        http://bt.etree.org/details.php?id=612852

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Description / text file:
Dave Matthews Band
Sam Boyd Silver Bowl, Las Vegas, NV
May 19, 1995


Seek Up
Dancing Nancies 
Typical Situation 
Say Goodbye  

Dave Matthews - guitar and vocals
Boyd Tinsley - Violin and vocals
Carter Beauford - drums and vocals
Stefan Lessard - bass
Leroi Moore - woodwinds

* Opened for the Grateful Dead

Run time:
Format: FLAC 16 bit/44.1 kHZ

Sound board mix remastered by D. Fries (2021)

*** This is a remaster of the 16 bit/44.1 kHZ files shared by "StPatrick" (May 11, 2017).  The previous text is here: ***

Dave Mathews Band
May 19th 1995
Sam Boyd Stadium 
Las Vegas, NV, NV

Source - Lineage : SBD > master DAT Recorded by Ultrasound 
> Dat was transferred by Charlie Miller > Seed provided by Jon 
Pasternak > File swap > me > Adobe Audion > CDwave > TLH 
level 8 > flac 16 > you > enjoy


01 - Intro
02 - Seek Up
03 - Dancing Nancies 
04 - Satellite >> 
05 - Minarets >> 
06 - Typical Situation 
07 - Talk
08 - Say Goodbye 
09 - Talk
10 - Recently 

Total Time ~ 01:03:13.254

af34b780fbf0202bdfdc972003ae184a *DMB 1995-05-19 Las Vegas flac16 info.txt
604d346dacbbd5d22b6d295e27471fcd *dmb1995-05-19 T-01 Intro.flac
6e13822d459076e90ac0658e0c99d165 *dmb1995-05-19 T-02 Seek Up.flac
dd83b7a19fdafd0631610d4a36535bb1 *dmb1995-05-19 T-03 Dancing Nancies.flac
02804c1a8b6cb70fe921a489adbfe7fe *dmb1995-05-19 T-04 Satellite.flac
cf5ae3a02bcc84b63ca667f868400d8a *dmb1995-05-19 T-05 Minare.flac
952cb2a54cdec4407cd51633bfff00f0 *dmb1995-05-19 T-06 Typical Situation.flac
57e7bcb5394d734fcbf174944807b55a *dmb1995-05-19 T-07 Talk.flac
923216e27d02ff5611c0f13823fc8a75 *dmb1995-05-19 T-08 Say Goodbye.flac
5cb8c81722f8c29a40aed2227216f662 *dmb1995-05-19 T-09 Talk.flac
e09c8a9e42ecd16e297a0eb4cfb932ed *dmb1995-05-19 T-10 Recently.flac"

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