[bittorrent] Billy Strings 2021-07-30 ~ Apple Valley Park, Lafayette, NY ~ neumann_skm140.sunboy.flac24

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Band:           Billy Strings
Torrent Name:   Billy Strings 2021-07-30 ~ Apple Valley Park, Lafayette, NY ~ neumann_skm140.sunboy.flac24
Uploaded by:    sunboy
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Details:        http://bt.etree.org/details.php?id=613331

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Description / text file:
Billy Strings
Apple Valley Park
Lafayette, NY
Friday July 30th, 2021 all

****48kHz/24 Bit Recording Version****

set1: 65:09
d1t01. tuning
d1t02. Summertime Blues
d1t03. Slow Train
d1t04. While I'm Waiting Here>
d1t05. Train, Train
d1t06. Morning Light
d1t07. Bronzeback
d1t08. Secrets
d1t09. Away from The Mire
d1t10. Long Forgotten Dream
d1t11. All Fall Down

set2: 67:41
d2t01. Fire On My Tongue
d2t02. Watch It Fall
d2t03. Make Me A Pallet On My Floor
d2t04. End Of The Rainbow>
d2t05. Running The Route>
d2t06. Reuben's Train
d2t07. Crown Of Thorns>
d2t08. Southern Flavor
d2t09. Wargasm

Location: 1st set: PODS T1 behind delay towers 25 ft left of center, 50ish yds from stage. 2nd set: PODS J5 35 ft left of center, 20ish yds from stage. ~

Mic config:  DinA Kwonbar, Schoeps A20S shock, Shure A81WS screens, Large Manfrotto air-cushioned stand @ 14 ft(set1), @10 ft(set2)

Source: Neumann SKM 140(AK40's/LC3's/KM100's)>GAKables xlr>Lunatec V2>GAKables xlr>Apogee Mini-Me at 24/48>AES/EBU>Sound Devices 722 @24bit/48kHz
Transfer,editing,mastering & conversion: Sound Devices 722 master file @24bit/48kHz>firewire>Sound Forge Pro 12.1>CD Wave v1.98(tracking)>FLAC24 via TLH v2.7.0(level 8), tag w/Tag Scanner6.1.3, ffp & md5-TLH

Notes: ~ S.F. 12.1 (fades) ~
~ Apogee - soft limit on ~
~ Recording, transfer, editing, mastering & conversion by Steven Weld sunboy at verizon.net
~ Many Thanks to Billy Strings & to his sound and lighting crew & the Creative Concerts crew & Westcott Security staff for trying so hard to allow us to record near the mixer as we usually do and allowing us to record and share the music ~

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