[bittorrent] Phish: 2021-08-03: Ascend Amphitheatre, Nashville, TN: FOB: Schoeps MK4v (DINa) -> nbobs -> PSP3 -> SD744t (96 kHz, 24 bit)

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Band:           Phish
Torrent Name:   Phish: 2021-08-03: Ascend Amphitheatre, Nashville, TN: FOB: Schoeps MK4v (DINa) -> nbobs -> PSP3 -> SD744t (96 kHz, 24 bit)
Uploaded by:    jadedphan
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Details:        http://bt.etree.org/details.php?id=613629

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Description / text file:
03 August 2021
Ascend Amphitheatre
Nashville, TN

taped by: 'Team No Drama'

Source: FOB: Schoeps MK4v (DINa) -> nbobs -> PSP3 -> SD744t (96 kHz, 24 bit)

Transfer: CF card reader -> USB3 -> CPU

transferred, and edited by jadedphan: channels summed, fades in/out added, and normalized (-.2) in Sony Vegas Pro 16

Set I:

01. rowdy wooks
02. Punch You in the Eye
03. Strawberry Letter 23 -> 
04. Sample in a Jar
05. Halley's Comet -> 
06. Backwards Down the Number Line
07. Undermind -> 
08. Divided Sky
09. Mull
10. It's Ice
11. About to Run
12. The Squirming Coil

Set II: 

01. rowdy wooks
02. Party Time
03. No Men In No Man's Land -> 
04. Ruby Waves -> 
05. Possum
06. When the Circus Comes
07. Light -> 
08. You Enjoy Myself
09. encore break:
10. Loving Cup

FLAC'd using Trader's Little Helper @ 8/8

Phish2021-08-03_FOB MK4v_s01t01_rowdy wooks.flac:a5581b19a9db50f42bb3513709552c16
Phish2021-08-03_FOB MK4v_s01t02_Punch You in the Eye.flac:6a9c1d2f5358312e313727f8badff0b0
Phish2021-08-03_FOB MK4v_s01t03_Strawberry Letter 23.flac:057f355559f3ccd57438ec154d6f147e
Phish2021-08-03_FOB MK4v_s01t04_Sample in a Jar.flac:ea3d0fa3375cf039fb05f48352a2d1d0
Phish2021-08-03_FOB MK4v_s01t05_Halley's Comet_.flac:0118d77fb006ffee566e92b5c06e8342
Phish2021-08-03_FOB MK4v_s01t06_Backwards Down the Number Line.flac:140b489e92e1d2504965b2e80b69172f
Phish2021-08-03_FOB MK4v_s01t07_Undermind.flac:dddcc02589ac1c2906093500aa717ce0
Phish2021-08-03_FOB MK4v_s01t08_The Divided Sky.flac:d8f12405a6a4b0a47eb9b4d55d2819c5
Phish2021-08-03_FOB MK4v_s01t09_Mull.flac:49a2ef7d4c27edf8020cb57527fc9570
Phish2021-08-03_FOB MK4v_s01t10_It's Ice.flac:92d0e92f2afaf3a1eb35f52dc3c3aacc
Phish2021-08-03_FOB MK4v_s01t11_About to Run.flac:27113c0aee0aa68e152a6acc3152a345
Phish2021-08-03_FOB MK4v_s01t12_The Squirming Coil.flac:c55386a04c54ce4dd736ffcc0af3f14c
Phish2021-08-03_FOB MK4v_s02t01_rowdy wooks.flac:0ae7323e72a196b105ff0864d49ca751
Phish2021-08-03_FOB MK4v_s02t02_Party Time.flac:e32f6a9699a210fd69ec0d6056b302d2
Phish2021-08-03_FOB MK4v_s02t03_No Men in No Man's Land_.flac:f55e0f1518afc28f4f44ea09b040218e
Phish2021-08-03_FOB MK4v_s02t04_Ruby Waves_.flac:463d6d02dbc35f0072fd1eaa74bb1caa
Phish2021-08-03_FOB MK4v_s02t05_Possum.flac:c63b9aa25aa8e028b1931bad327fd7e1
Phish2021-08-03_FOB MK4v_s02t06_When the Circus Comes.flac:8b7888c217993865c7afefe5556f358f
Phish2021-08-03_FOB MK4v_s02t07_Light_.flac:821d3f6e57c11d3885f31366c233a9ae
Phish2021-08-03_FOB MK4v_s02t08_You Enjoy Myself.flac:c30d79c44b8bc6e0e810bdc66d0c6859
Phish2021-08-03_FOB MK4v_s02t09_encore break.flac:9d8dc6d95c85c184bcab37cd76f9df8d
Phish2021-08-03_FOB MK4v_s02t10_Loving Cup.flac:815a20fc74ecd924802914b0bb961f28

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