[bittorrent] Phish: 2021-08-10: Hershey Park Stadium, Hershey, PA: FON MK22 -> SD Mixpre6ii @ 96/24

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Band:           Phish
Torrent Name:   Phish: 2021-08-10: Hershey Park Stadium, Hershey, PA: FON MK22 -> SD Mixpre6ii @ 96/24
Uploaded by:    jadedphan
DB Link:        
Details:        http://bt.etree.org/details.php?id=613476

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being non-trade-friendly.

Description / text file:
10 August 2021
Hershey Park Stadium
Hershe, PA

taped by: 'Team No Drama'

Source: FOB: Schoeps MK22 (nos) -> nbobs actives -> SD Mixpre 6ii @ 96 kHz, 32 bits float

Transfer: CF card reader -> USB3 -> CPU

transferred, and edited by jadedphan: channels summed, fades in/out added, normalized (-.2), and dithered to 24 bit
in Sony Vegas Pro 16

Set I:

01. rowdy wooks
02. First Tube
03. Axilla
04. Fuego ->
05. Runaway Jim
06. Gumbo
07. Sample in a Jar
08. Steam
09. Sugar Shack
10. Llama
11. Death Don't Hurt Very Long ->
12. Run Like an Antelope

Set II: 

01. rowdy wooks
02. No Men in No Man's Land ->
03. Soul Planet ->
04. NICU ->
05. Joy
06. Scent of a Mule
07. Golden Age ->
08. The Lizards
09. Character Zero
10. encore break:
11. Rock and Roll

Phish2021-08-10_FOB MK22_s01t01_rowdy wooks.flac:b87773067f8f40f0a715d8239af8c1b3
Phish2021-08-10_FOB MK22_s01t02_First Tube.flac:9ebc13ac130b32de5f070689362f23b0
Phish2021-08-10_FOB MK22_s01t03_Axilla.flac:b2a1396a8b82ee95bba20a13531f0feb
Phish2021-08-10_FOB MK22_s01t04_Fuego_.flac:7c47b14ce4876b8e62a9bd9e73b6170d
Phish2021-08-10_FOB MK22_s01t05_Runaway Jim.flac:47cb341e0387ab84ca6f55e756a07c3c
Phish2021-08-10_FOB MK22_s01t06_Gumbo.flac:1a80e8752dc9e1be55eef0da3b38a953
Phish2021-08-10_FOB MK22_s01t07_Sample in a Jar.flac:7d1c843c0ef9b42835f0f3dff8a241bd
Phish2021-08-10_FOB MK22_s01t08_Steam.flac:425269fc4ffc818754eea0fb5c79b372
Phish2021-08-10_FOB MK22_s01t09_Sugar Shack.flac:d6b0cb2c5a3e4e8d3fb52dbb676c0252
Phish2021-08-10_FOB MK22_s01t10_Llama.flac:b1c1d5b581f73fd1eb71d6816715bc63
Phish2021-08-10_FOB MK22_s01t11_Death Don't Hurt Very Long_.flac:eaf83ddc06c6a252e61bee95204136c1
Phish2021-08-10_FOB MK22_s01t12_Run Like an Antelope.flac:671790771d7b54a190d54d426fa15627
Phish2021-08-10_FOB MK22_s02t01_rowdy wooks.flac:839bfab69ea9dca180c1172dc6fba198
Phish2021-08-10_FOB MK22_s02t02_No Men in No Man's Land_.flac:29e4131f7276e766f1cb8c8e8506759b
Phish2021-08-10_FOB MK22_s02t03_Soul Planet_.flac:8702a8255daea0cc2b92f769cb1316e7
Phish2021-08-10_FOB MK22_s02t04_NICU_.flac:e484d41485b9360005377d257e623957
Phish2021-08-10_FOB MK22_s02t05_Joy.flac:32e9e4961819c676f516abf0a3a4425b
Phish2021-08-10_FOB MK22_s02t06_Scent of a Mule.flac:f1e434ac9121b733b945d5b036f0e8b3
Phish2021-08-10_FOB MK22_s02t07_Golden Age_.flac:3e1a0889a9d7b4ec95c0d359fa8973fc
Phish2021-08-10_FOB MK22_s02t08_Prince Caspian_.flac:70ef4abf459e41bd3bf2701f533a097b
Phish2021-08-10_FOB MK22_s02t09_Backwards Down the Number Line_.flac:3155338b64dc1e877e4871c5e816cc9c
Phish2021-08-10_FOB MK22_s02t10_The Lizards.flac:95116a56830493a29b056392431cc98c
Phish2021-08-10_FOB MK22_s02t11_Character Zero.flac:52bfb0946817da4411a74ec3e94c22fe
Phish2021-08-10_FOB MK22_s02t12_encore break.flac:fd5822972cb241f84b7d715ae7da16ab
Phish2021-08-10_FOB MK22_s02t13_Rock and Roll.flac:f11d3ec4408d71cca4703461350effda

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