[bittorrent] Various Artists - "Garry Grass" 2004-05-25 Boulder, CO - Boulder Theater (SBD + Neumann KM140) RIP JEFFRO AUSTIN

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Torrent Name:   Various Artists - "Garry Grass" 2004-05-25 Boulder, CO - Boulder Theater (SBD + Neumann KM140)  RIP JEFFRO AUSTIN
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Description / text file:
            Garry Grass Benefit
            Boulder Theater
            Boulder, CO

A benefit for Garry Sanfacon for Boulder County Commissioner. 
Featuring Adam Aijala, Dave Johnston (YMSB); Noam Pikelny and Vince Herman (Leftover Salmon); 
Benny Galloway, Sally Truitt, Gene Libbea, Dickey S. Kaggs and members of Leftover Salmon, 
Hit & Run, High On The Hog, Single Malt Band, The Wayfarers, The Boom Chicks, Swing Set, 
and Slipstream.

Disk 1:
01. Intro
02. Sugar in the Gourd                
03. Grey Cat on a Tennessee Roof                
04. Little Birdie                
05. Toy Heart                
06. Two of Us 
07. Angeline the Baker               
08. “Petition Talk/Tuning”
09. Live and Let Live
09. Road is Rocky   
10. Still Rock & Roll to Me
11. Willow Garden                
12. Slevivh Russell > Fred Finn's Reel                
13. Who Will Watch the Old Home Place                
14. Lazy John       

Disk 2:
1)  Garry YMSB Intro
2)  Steep Grades, Sharp Curves
3)  Love You Enough
4)  Everytime
5)  On the Run
6)  Garry Hit & Run Intro
7)  Highway of Regret 
8)  Beauty Fades                     
9)  Rollin' in my Sweet Baby's Arms
10) Train Bound For Gloryland                     
11) Alone and Blue
12) Not Far Away
13) Rain and the Wind
14) Drop Da Bomb
15) Old River Man
16) Hey Woody Guthrie
17) Big Train from Memphis

Disk 3:
1)  talking/tuning
2)  Old Dangerfield                     
3)  The Cuckoo's Nest                     
4)  Morning Blues, Walk Along John, Arcade Blues, Roaring River                  
5)  Big Scotia                    
6)  Lost Highway
7)  The Night Is Left Behind  < debut
8)  Takes a Lot to Laugh, It takes a Train to Cry
9)  Maggie's Farm
10) June Apple                                 (All 20 or so players)
11) Dim Lights, Thick Smoke                    (All 20 or so players)      

Audience + Soundboard Matrix

Taped and transferred by Todd Ramsden
Aud Source:  fob/dfc:  Neumann km140 (DIN)> Lunatec V3> DC2 (coax>optical)> Nomad JB3 
SBD Source:  Soundboard> RCA patchbay> Sony D7 (48k)> Oade 7-pin> Sony M1
SBD feed:  Master DAT> Sony A6> Nomad JB3> firewire> pc> CoolEdit (48k>44.1k,time align,fades)
Matrix:  km140 aud source merged with SBD source (CoolEdit)> CDWav> FLAC frontend

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