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Band:           Garcia
Torrent Name:   jgb1975-10-31.138206.aud.peters.zombiwoof.flac16 (Early-Late)
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Description / text file:

Jerry Garcia Band
Tower Theater  
Philadelphia PA.
Oct. 31 1975
(Early & Late)

Jerry Garcia - Guitar/vox
John Kahn - Bass
Nicky Hopkins - Keyboards
Ron Tutt - Drums

Early: 87:42  

01. Sugaree 7:27
02. Thats What Love Will Make You Do 9:52
03. Sitting Here In Limbo 12:00
04. Every Word You Say 5:31
05. All By Myself 9:50
06. Tough Mama 7:23
07. interlude 2:06
08. pigs intro 1:01
09. Pigs Boogie 7:21
10. They Love Each Other 6:05
11. Mississippi Moon 8:01
12. Mystery Train 12:25 

Late: 69:06

01. Let It Rock 13:24
02. Tore Up Over You 8:32
03. Russian Lullaby 7:43
04. Friend Of The Devil 5:22
05. Its Too Late 7:51
06. Lady Sleeps 5:33
07. No Time 4:12
08. Money Honey 8:53
09. Positively 4th Streeet 9:36

  ** How Sweet It Is
   The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down
   Lets Spend The Night Together
   Edward The Mad Shirt Grinder ** (Missing)


Sony TC-126(F99S mic)>Master cassette(TDK-D90)>JVC TD-R462>Audacity>TLH Flac8

Tape paused between some tracks. Missing last 4 songs set 2.

Taper: Dave Peters 

So the story goes: I answered an ad on Craigslist for 500 free Grateful Dead tapes, of which I will
be presenting some real gems!!
On picking them up from the taper, I'm also informed he and a friend recorded other bands through the 70's.

These were never circulated, and deemed inferior in quality. 
When I inquired about digitizing his masters, he laughingly obliged.
Most of the old Ampex and BASF tapes are in poor shape, several completely off the spool, and many squealing badly, these will be baked in an attempt to salvage them.
I will be presenting the ones of superior quality only.
I do believe these shows will be lovingly embraced by the Dime community, and will be shared here exclusively.
Zombiwoof to Dime 2017 series.

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