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Band:           Phish
Torrent Name:   ph1989-08-17.SBD.83946.flac16
Uploaded by:    beerman
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being non-trade-friendly.

Description / text file:
The Front
Burlington VT

Source: SBD > Cass/3 > CDR
Transfer: CDR > EAC > Audacity 1.2.4 > CDWAV > FLAC16

Transfer by: Taperwayne (taperwayne at yahoo.com)

Disc 1

*Set I*

01. Ya Mar
02. Suzy Greenberg
03. McGrupp and the Watchful Hosemasters
04. The Sloth
05. Rocky Top *
06. Harry Hood
07. //Mikes Song >
08. I Am Hydrogen >
09. Weekapaug Groove

Disc 2

*Set II*

01. Walk Away
02. AC/DC Bag
03. The Mango Song
04. Fee
05. You Enjoy Myself
06. The Lizards

Disc 3

*Set III*

01. Oh Kee Pah Ceremony **
02. Bold As Love
03. Punch You In The Eye **
04. Possum//
05. Halley's Comet > ***
06. Alumni Blues >
07. Letter To Jimmy Page >
08. Alumni Blues
09. Contact
10. Run Like An Antelope
11. Golgi Apparatus
12. Fire

*   dedicated to Steve and Beth Drebber who had just gotten married (see 8/12/89)
**  earliest known versions - possibly debuts. (PYITE in this format)
*** With Nancy Taube (Richard Wright) on vocals, during which he announces it's the last time he was
    ever gonna sing it. (wasn't played again until 3/14/93)

Notes: The Companion notes Golgi and Fire as encores, however there is no pause after Antelope
       Tape flip right before Mike's Song - the first few seconds clipped
       Tape flip at the end Possum, last few notes missing..used a crossfade.
       There are a few other glitches here and there, but overall, very good sounding for
       1989, with minimal tape hiss. 

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