[bittorrent] Grateful Dudes - 2017-04-15 Hebden Bridge, UK

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Description / text file:
The Grateful Dudes
April 15 2017
The Trades Club, Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire, UK

Matrix recording (see below)

Set 1: 
1 Jam > 
2 Promised Land
3 Touch of Gray
4 New Minglewood Blues
5 Althea
6 Big River
7 They Love Each Other
8 Chinatown Shuffle
9 Looks Like Rain
10 Bird Song
11 China Cat Sunflower > 
12 I Know You Rider

Set 2: 
13 Jam > 
14 Estimated Prophet > 
15 Playing in the Band > 
16 Alligator > 
17 Black Peter > 
18 Drums > 
19 Space > 
20 The Other One > 
21 The Wheel > 
22 Playing in the Band reprise > 
23 Throwing Stones > 
24 Going Down the Road Feelin’ Bad

Band: Andy Scoffin lead gtr, vocals; Richard Hill rhythm gtr, vocals; Bill Giles keyboard, vocals; Chris Handy bass; Bob Bryars drums; Greg Myles drums, vocals

This is a matrix recording from a 2-track SBD and an AUD (perched on the mixing desk). The SBD had 2 problems: the usual imbalance of a house SBD with vocals and keyboard too prominent in the mix; and some periodic distortion from overloading, particularly on harmony vocals. The matrix compensates for the imbalance with the AUD, and the distortion is slightly attenuated with EQ notches where required. Still a clear and very listenable recording - and the music's great!

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