[bittorrent] The Seldom Scene - 1991-09-29 Harper's Ferry, WV (SBD) [1648] **FRESH**

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Torrent Name:   The Seldom Scene - 1991-09-29 Harper's Ferry, WV (SBD) [1648]  **FRESH**
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September 29, 1991
Mountain Heritage Bluegrass Festival
Harper’s Ferry, West Virginia

Source: SBD > DAT
Transfer: ASIDATPanasonic SV-3800.1 > Optical > Audacity 48k (MBP)
DiGiHoArDeRs: 4/12/17

01. Blue Ridge Cabin Home
02. Lost in a Memory
03. Instrumental
04. Song for the Life
05. Little Georgia Rose
06. Blue Ridge
07. The Wrath of God
08. Another Lonesome Morning
09. West Texas Wind
10. In Despair
11. Ladies Choice

12. Old Train
13. Wait a Minute
14. What Am I Doing Hangin’ Around?
15. John Hartford Instrumental
16. A House of Gold
17. Baby Blue
18. And on Bass
19. Muddy Water
20. Lay Down Sally
21. I Know You Rider

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