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Band:           Grateful Dead
Torrent Name:   gd90-12-27.B&K4011.Schoeps.FOB.Darroch.Katzeff.Buick.Ammons.fix.t-flac16
Uploaded by:    photoleon
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Description / text file:
Grateful Dead

Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum, 
Oakland, CA 
Sets I&II (AUD)

Set I: B&K 4011 > Prolink Cables > Mod Neumann PS > Panasonic SV255; FOB DFC with 6 ft stand.  Tapped by Rob Darroch.

Set II: Schoeps CMC34 > MIT Cables > Oade PS > Panasonic SV250; FOB DFC hand held by Marcus Buick. Taped by Rick Katzeff and Marcus Buick

Transfer: Tascam DA20 Mark II DAT > Roland SRC-2 sample rate/format converter (from SPDIF to Optcal) > Mac Mini > Audacity 3.0 at 48K > Wave.  By John Ammons from his DAT clone of the masters.  

Wave > xACT > flac > Audacity > labeled > patched > export multiple > flac 16/48* (level 8).
Checksum & tags created in xACT.  
Tracking, patch, checksum & tags by photoleon.

*corrected (was 16/44)

There were a bunch of rigs FOB during set 1, and it was quite casual. Mics on stands were not a problem. During set break, this punk kid with Schoeps (nice to be about 20 and going to shows with your $8,000 taping rig!) didn't completely break down his stand and put the gear away. He left the tripod open so the stand was a couple feet high and draped a coat over the mics. Well, this caught someone's attention, and the bust swept through big time, first getting him and then searching all bags in the vicinity. Everyone was at least busted to some degree, although bits and pieces of rigs made it out before the search. Ultimately Marcus, Rick, and I were able to meet in seats just off the floor shortly before set 2 was ready to start. There we assembled the "back up rig" - listed in the lineage for set 2. The lights went down while we were still to the edge of the floor, but we worked our way back to the original blanket as they were still tuning up. You can hear rumbling noises as Marcu
 s uncoils the mics from the back pack as Rick is starting the deck. When the mics are fulling extended and stable at Marcus' forehead level, the first notes of Scarlet are seconds away. So to get that Comes A Time after such high stress was a monumental thing indeed. - John.

Notes: A patch from shnid 076115 was used before tuning, Set II (0:00 - 1:24) & in Drums (1:35 - 6:57) crossfades were added to smooth the transitions.  I softened the rumbling on the mics, as they were uncoiled, just a touch.  I could have removed much more, but I felt that would be wrong as its as much apart of the show as the music is.  No music was effected. - Joe.

Grateful to: Rob Darroch, Rick Katzeff & Marcus Buick for recording this show.
Grateful to: John Ammons for providing the DAT clones.  
Grateful to: Charlie Miller for his efforts & sharing shnid 076115 & Bill Tetzeli's additional work on it.

-Set I-
Jack Straw ->
New Minglewood Blues
It Must Have Been The Roses
Queen Jane Approximately
Loose Lucy
Cassidy ->
Don't Ease Me In

-Set II-
Scarlet Begonias ->
Fire On The Mountain
Estimated Prophet ->
Comes A Time ->
Drums *
Space ->
I Need A Miracle ->
The Wheel ->
Throwin' Stones ->
Turn On Your Love Light
encore break

It's All Over Now, Baby Blue

* w/ Hamza El Din

last Comes a Time 7/8/87
TOO tease before INAM

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(J.Noel 18 April 2017)

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