[bittorrent] Hop Jam All Stars 8/20/16 Bolton, VT AKG63 onstage plus SBD

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Torrent Name:   Hop Jam All Stars 8/20/16 Bolton,VT AKG63 onstage plus SBD
Uploaded by:    teefs
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Details:        http://bt.etree.org/details.php?id=588420

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Description / text file:
Hop Jam All Stars
20 August 2016
Hop Jam III
Bolton Valley Resort
Bolton, VT

Taper: Keith Antaya(kantaya at gmail.com)
Source 1:AKG CK63(Hypers)>Actives(Onstage Center)>Sound Devices MP2>Sony M10(24/48)
Source 2:Soundboard>Edirol R44(24/48)
Conversion: SDHC Card>Adobe Audition 3.0>CDWave 1.71

1. Intro
2. Music For Gong Gong
3. What's Going On?
4. You Haven't Done Nothing
5. Elsie's River
6. Allah Uya
7. Funky Nassau
8. Move On Up


Natalie Cressman-Vocals,Trombone
Russ Lawton-Drums
Ray Paczkowski-Keys
Tony Markellis -Bass
John Morgan Kimock-Cow Bell
Eric Krason-Guitar
Danny Mayer-Guitar
Mike Bono-Guitat
Ivan Jackson-Trumpet
Sam Merrick-Drums
Jeremy Seigal-Bass
Mary Corso-Vocals

AKG's were placed onstage center
Post Mix by CoreyTheGroundhog

Thanks to Ron Ulrich for having me up at Hop Jam
Thanks to Dark Star Productions for all the help and SBD patch
Special Thanks to Meg for putting on a wonderful event as always

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