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Band:           Warren Haynes
Torrent Name:   Warren Haynes 2016-07-22 Queens Hall, Edinburgh.mk4.mayhem.inc.flac24.48
Uploaded by:    mayhem_inc
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Description / text file:
Warren Haynes
Queens Hall
Edinburgh, SCO

Edinburgh Jazz & Blues Festival.

Location: Table Seating, 2nd row table, ROCDirectly FOB (Facing Warrens amp).
Source: Schoeps mk4 > Nbob Actives > TinyBox2.5 w/output transformers(+18db) > 
DarkTrain Cable > Sony M10(Lin-in at +5) @ 24bit/48khz WAV > SD Card
Transfer: WAV > Adobe Audition (limit aud noise, BBE Sonic
Maximiser, Normalise to -1db, Fades, track markers, export to flac) >
Tagging, Embedded Art-Foobar Live Show Tagger > TLH (Checksum)

A Mayhem Inc. Recording.

Show Notes:
This was Warren's first show in Scotland. 
Fiddle player Ross Holmes was dressed in traditional Scottish Kilt. You can hear someone 
wolf whistle at him at the start.
A woman at the back was noisily ejected during the show alegedly after someone seated next
to her wanted her to stop talking all the way through the show.
My friends 10 year old son, Christopher went forward right at the end of the show and Warren 
gave him his plectrum. Then the Road Manager came over and gave him the set list too.
The Grateful Dead's "Loser" was listed but not played during the 2h 16min set.

01 Intro>Queens Hall Jam
02 Is It Me Or You
03 Patchwork Quilt
04 Banks Of The Deep End
05 Beat Down The Dust
06 Revolution Blues
07 Skin It Back
08 Blue Maiden's Tale
09 Blue Sky (w/Franklins Tower Tease)
10 Dusk Till Dawn
11 Madman Across The Water>
12 Drums(Jeff Sipe)>
13 Instrumental Illness
14 Spots Of Time
   Encore Break
15 Band Intro's
16 Angel Band>Jessica (w/ Norwegian Wood & Mountain Jam Teases)

Ashes & Dust Band:
Warren Haynes - Guitar, Vocals
Ross Holmes - Fiddle, Vocals & Kilt
Jeff Sipe - Drums
Matt Menefee - Banjo, Vocals
Royal Massat - Bass, Vocals
Sterling Massat - Strings, Vocals

No opening act.

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