[bittorrent] North Mississippi Allstars 2016-08-06 Avery Brewery Boulder, Co (AKGc214>Zoom F8)

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Band:           North Mississippi Allstars
Torrent Name:   North Mississippi Allstars 2016-08-06 Avery Brewery Boulder, Co (AKGc214>Zoom F8)
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Description / text file:
North Mississippi Allstars
Avery Brewery, Boulder, CO
Avery Brewing 23rd Anniversary Party

AKGC214> FOB 10'>Zoom F8>(24/44.1)WAV>Audacity>

Recorded By Garran Petrie
Setlist Brad Dietsch
Thanks to Mike Spinelli for the tickets
A "Yeah You Right Recording"

01	Mississippi Bollweevil
02	Hurts Me Too
03	Mean 'Ol Wind
04	Shake>
05	Eage Bird>
06	Jr
07	Meet Me In The City
08	Commit A Crime
09	ML
10	Let Me In
11	Ship
12	The Same Thing
13	SHake 'em On Down
14	Up Over Yonder
15	All Night Long>
16	Lovelight
17	Who's Been Talking*
18	KC Jones*
19	Ho Down

special guest:
* w/ Mike “Shinetop Jr.” Sedovic – keyboards

Luther Dickinson - guitar/vocals
Cody Dickinson - drums/vocals
Danielle Nicole Schnebelen - bass/vocals

Thanks to Avery Brewery & North Mississippi
Allstars for allowing taping

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