[bittorrent] Vulfpeck 2016-06-04 Live on Washington, Ann Arbor, MI SBD matrix 24bit48k

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Torrent Name:   Vulfpeck 2016-06-04 Live on Washington, Ann Arbor, MI SBD matrix 24bit48k
Uploaded by:    Daveschall
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Description / text file:

Saturday, June 4, 2016
The Neutral Zone
"Live on Washington"
Ann Arbor, MI

monitor console matrix feed:  Midas Pro1 matrix *** > 
Tascam HD-P2 @ 24bit 48kHz

mastering post in Pro Tools 10 (both 16bit/44.1kHz and 24bit/48kHz exports from Pro Tools) > xACT>FLAC

Mixed, recorded, and mastered by Dave Schall 

Vulpeck is:
Jack Stratton: drums, keys, guitar, vocals
Theo Katzman, drums, guitar, vocals
Joe Dart, bass
Woody Goss, keys (and Pocket Piano, loaned from A2 District Library)

1. introduction by Neutral Zone
2. Outro - with Matthew Setzler, alto sax
3. Fugue State
4. Rango
5. My First Car
6. banter
7. Back Pocket - with Jesse Clayton, keys  
8. Smile Meditation - with Tyler Duncan, Irish whistle 
9. Funky Duck - with Antwaun Stanley, vocals 
10. 1612 - with Antwaun, and Ian Finkelstein, keys 
11. Wait for the Moment - with Antwaun 
12. Christmas in LA 
13. Beastly 
14. It Gets Funkier >
15. I Wish >  with Antwaun 
16. It Gets Funkier reprise
17. encore: Peg - with Ian Finkelstein, Rhodes

*** - how the recording was made:
The Midas Pro 1 has 27 output busses (16 aux, 8 matrix, and a L-R-Mono).  Each channel has a dedicated send to each of those busses (if you wanted to do 16 monitor mixes, 8 matrices, and the LRMono).  As I was running monitors, I created a stereo matrix on mtx1-2, and I activated the mtx1-2 send faders on each individual channel, post-fader, thus creating a dedicated mix for the tape, independent of the monitor feeds.  Once the monitors were set, I put on my phones and mixed the show live to tape on the matrix sends.

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