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Torrent Name:   SHEL 2016-08-06 City Park - Manhattan, KS
Uploaded by:    JeremyLykins
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If the link to this show does not work, it was probably removed for
being non-trade-friendly.

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Message for sec1968 -- Please share your SHEL recordings!  You've posted comments to my SHEL torrents saying that you've recorded them ("I've taped them the past 2 years and will be doing so in 2 weeks. Thanks for the UP!!" and "Just saw/taped them the 6th time in 2 1/2 years. Awesome band. Thanks for the UP!!"), but I've never seen them available for download.  Please share them.

Here are links to all of my SHEL recordings:

2014 Manhattan

2013 Manhattan

2011 KC


Rhythm and Brews Festival
City Park
Manhattan, KS

Source: Church Audio CA-11 omnis > CA-Ugly II > Edirol R-09HR @24/48
Location: approx. 15' in front of right P.A. stack / AB / mic stand @ 3'
Transfer: SD card > pc > Audacity (amplification & fades) > dithered/resampled to 16/44.1 w/ r8brain > CDWave > Flac level 6
Taped and Transferred by: Jeremy Lykins (jeremylykins hotmail com)

01. intro
02. Rooftop
03. You Could Be My Baby
04. Liza beatboxing
05. Lost At Sea
06. story about meeting Robert Plant
07. The Battle of Evermore
08. The Man Who Was The Circus
09. Freckles
10. Stained
11. Moonshine Hill
12. Is The Doctor In Today
13. stage banter
14. Stronger Than My Fears

note: Free concert in the park.


Sarah Holbrook - vocals, violin
Hannah Holbrook - vocals, piano
Eva Holbrook - lead vocals, mandolin
Liza Holbrook - percussion


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