[bittorrent] Los Lobos - The Triple Door, Seattle WA (Night Three) 1/19/14

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Band:           Los Lobos
Torrent Name:   Los Lobos - The Triple Door, Seattle WA (Night Three) 1/19/14
Uploaded by:    redstrat
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Description / text file:
Los Lobos
The Triple Door
Seattle, WA
January 19, 2014
"Los Lobos Disconnected: 40th Anniversary Show"
Third night of a three night run

Master: Neumann AK40's at SBD, ~8' high (DIN)> LC3> KM100) + Shure VP-88 (house mic suspended overhead ~60 from stage, M/S, unknown preamp, processed through house board)> MOTU Traveler w/Black Lion Mod (24/96)> Apple Macbook Pro (via Firewire)> Digital Performer (v7.24)> SD2 (24/96; mono tracks)

Transfer: SD2> Digital Performer (v7.24) to trim, add fades, convert to 16/44.1, split tracks> WAV> xACT (v2.23)> FLAC (level 8)
Mastered & transferred by Steve Jochmann stevej at jabfela dot net)

Set 1

01  Introduction / Tuning 
02  Short Side of Nothing
03  Maria Christina
04  La Venganza de los Pelados
05  Set Me Free (Rosa Lee)
06  Season Of The Witch>
07  Dear Mr. Fantasy
08  Chuco's Cumbia
09  A Matter of Time
10  Maricela

Set 2

01  Crowd / Tuning 
02  That Train Don't Stop Here
03  Is This All There Is?
04  Papa Was A Rolling Stone>
05  I Can't Understand>
06  One Way Out
07  Little Wing
08  West L.A. Fadeawy
09  Don't Worry Baby (w/Blues Intro)
10  Mas y Mas
11  Crowd


12 Instrumental Intro>
13 La Bamba>
14 Good Lovin'
15 La Bamba

Many thanks to Mando, Rick & Tuggboatt for clearing the way, Myles for the company and Los Lobos for the music & the laughs.

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