[bittorrent] Gov't Mule 2013-07-20 Burg Herzberg Festival, Germany (Line Audio CM3>Zoom H4) 16/44

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Band:           Govt Mule
Torrent Name:   Gov't Mule 2013-07-20 Burg Herzberg Festival, Germany (Line Audio CM3>Zoom H4) 16/44
Uploaded by:    propylaen2001
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Details:        http://bt.etree.org/details.php?id=566275

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Description / text file:
Gov't Mule
Burg Herzberg Festival 
Breitenbach am Herzberg, Germany
20 July 2013 
Main Stage 


Lineage: Line Audio CM3 > Zoom H4 > SD card > USB > PC > WAV > Adobe Audition CS6 (tracking, slight EQ, volume adjust) > TLH > FLAC (L8, align on SB)
Taping position: Right of soundboard, on tripod
Recorded, transfered, mastered & seeded by propylaen2001

My heartfelt thanks go out to all the great people of the festival who did a fantastic job to provide us with a flawless festival organisation. Their efforts are even more appreciated since they had to work hard in a blazing heat which is not the common state at Herzberg. I want to thank everybody from Spacebandit's gang for their much valued hospitality and for having a real good time with all of them. Special thanks are due to Rendel and Spacebandit who shared taping duties with me this year. Spacebandit also assisted in making this recording possible. 

Disc 1
1. Introduction  2:16
2. Maggot Brain  6:03
3. Mule  9:23
4. Thorazine Shuffle  12:08
5. Banks Of The Deep End  6:15
6. Rocking Horse  8:40
7. Lively Up Yourself (with Black Dog tease)  10:38
8. Patchwork Quilt  5:16
9. She Said She Said  4:17
10. Tomorrow Never Knows  7:23

Disc 2
1. Feel Like Breaking Up Somebody's Home  12:37 *
2. Brand New Angel  6:56
3. Inside Outside Woman Blues  9:28
4. Steppin' Lightly  6:54
5. Blind Man In The Dark (with Theme From Mission: Impossible tease)  13:33
6. One Of These Days  7:34
7. Cortez The Killer  13:49 +

Warren Haynes - guitar, vocals
Matt Abts - drums
Danny Louis - keyboards
Jorgen Carlsson - bass

* with Jim McCarty & Carmine Appice (introduction missing due to battery change), without Matt Abts
+ a few seconds missing, fades out
Unfortunately some wind noise audible...will have to get me a better windshield next time.


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