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Torrent Name:   Hart 13-08-15 (OctavaMK-012hypercaps---Tascam DR-680) Millvale Pa Mr. Smalls Theater 16bit-44,100Hz
Uploaded by:    Katz_under_stars
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Description / text file:
Mickey Hart Band

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Millvale, Pa.

Mr. Smalls Theater

All recording, mastering & transferring done by CopyKatz Engineering. Taping, recording & sharing great 

music since 1972. 

Feel free to leave comments (positive or negative) so that as I dig into my vault for future postings I 

can make them better for yinz all. As Irene, my mom, used to tell me ... "If you're not going to do 

something the best that you possibly can ... Then don't do it at all!"

Katz tails:

          Let me begin by saying that only a handful of times have I went to a show without a ticket in 
          hand ... this was 1 of those times. I arrived about 20 min. before the doors opened & figured
          that there would be someone with an extra that they needed to sell or trade. There were about
          20 yinzers hanging out. After meeting the young ladies in front of me & a little BSing ... I 
          loudly asked if anyone had any extra that they wanted to sell (didn't want to have to go 
          through my pockets at the ticket window) anyways ... about 2 min. later another old-school head
          came up to me  asked if I was the person looking for a ticket. Of coarse I said yes & he then
          handed me a ticket. I asked what he wanted for it & his reply was, "Just buy me a coke inside."
          But when I found him, after I set up my equipment plus got turned down on my request for a sbd.
          feed, he renigged on our deal! He wouldn't allow me to buy him a pop. A few more times 
          throughout the show I tried to fulfill my end of the bargin ... to no avail! I'm truely sorry
          that I forgot his name ... but I will find him again at some show & will not take no for an
          answer on that occasion to fulfill my end of the bargin for the Mickey ticket!!

          On to the show ... for those of you that missed it ... fer shame ... fer shame! The band was 
          tight as hell & both sets were non-stop! I don't know if the following had anything to do with
          how hard that they kicked it out, but Mickey was unable to wear his brain cap, as at the 
          previous show problems arose. The doctor, from Penn State University, that invemted it was in 
          the house trying to repair it ... to no avail (Mickey called him out on stage & introduced him
          to the audience at the start of the second set). So those in attendance never got to see what 
          goes on in Mickey's head. They featured his released just 2 days earlier album "Superorganism",
          playing half of it throughout the night ... it is definately 1 to add to your collection! Go to
          your nearest music store & purchase it ... you won't regret it ... or you can go to where in 
          just 1 day it reached #1 on the charts ... Itunes ... & get the files along with the artwork.
          Also throughout the night a handful of Grateful Dead standards were played (and each 1 rocked)
          If I Had My Way (a.k.a. Samson & Delilah), Aiko-Aiko, a really sweet Bird Song, The Other One,
          Fire On The Mountain & The Pump Song (a.k.a. Greatest Story Ever Told). 

          I also would like to give a shout out to all the friends that I ran across at the show ... some
          of which I hadn't seen since 1989 & 1990! It was great hanging out with all of yinz again! 
          A special shout goes out to Kev for his spiritual enlightenment for the evening! 

Recording equipment:

          Octava MK-012 (matched pair) ---> -10db attenuator ---> hypercardoid capsule (matched pair)
          ---> Pro Co DynaMike 224S cables ---> Tascam DR-680 with phantom power turned on (tracks 1 & 2) 
          mastering as 12bit/44100Hz .wav.

Recording accessories:

          Shure S15A mic stand (raised 12 1/2 ft.) ---> On-Stage Stands MY700 stereo mic bar (15 in. 
          seperation) ---> Sabra-Som SM-1 mic shock mounts & Gator G-Broadcaster bag.

Recording location:

          directly in front of sbd., dead center of floor, about 40 ft. from stage


          SDHC card ---> Tascam DR-680 ---> Tascam's USB cord ---> HP G60-530US Notebook


          Used Audacity 2.0.0 (Unicode) for normalization & create tracks. Then to FLAC MP3 Converter to 

          create .flac files from the .wav files, that is just the name of the software ... this has 

          never been in the .mp3 format. All sbe fix, checksums & torrent files created with Trader's 

          Little Helper 2.7.0 (Build 172)

Businesses used that made this recording possible:

          Sweetwater - tripod, crossbar & cables
          Musician's Friend - deck & bag

          Front End Audio - mics & mounts

          Best Buy - SDHC card

       *note: missing about 20 seconds of opening banter, as was having a smoke when the band took the 

        stage! Shit happens!


  Setlist :

          Set I

     01)  (joined in progress) Banter

     02)  If I Had My Way --->

     03)  Cut The Deck --->

     04)  Aliromba O Saro --->

     05)  Drone --->

     06)  Rainforest --->

     07)  Supersonic --->

     08)  Rainforest --->

     09)  Ghost Rider --->

     10)  Falling Stars --->

     11)  Aiko-Aiko

     12)  Outtro

          Set II

     01)  Banter

     02)  Heartbeat --->

     03)  Bird Song --->

     04)  The Sermon --->

     05)  Time Never Ends --->

     06)  The Other One --->

     07)  Bully Boy --->

     08)  Fire On The Mountain

     09)  Crowd

     10)  The Pump Song

     11)  Outtro


              Special grateful vibes to the head, name unfortuneatly forgotton, that miracled me into the 

              show ... it was awesome to still find the family spirit still exists!               

              Many thanks to Mr. Smalls management & staff for hosting the Mickey show. Great job folks!

              Mostly ... thanks to the band, sound engineer & crew for making Aug. 15th, 2013 a special

              night!! Please ... come back soon!!

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