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Band:           Los Lobos
Torrent Name:   LL2013-08-10 Indio CA 24
Uploaded by:    voodoostrat
DB Link:        
Details:        http://bt.etree.org/details.php?id=566173

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If the link to this show does not work, it was probably removed for
being non-trade-friendly.

Description / text file:
Los Lobos
Fantasy Springs Casino
Indio, CA
August 10, 2013

Master: Sony M10 ( at SBD - 5' high, 24/96 WAV ) > MacBookPro ( via USB ) > WireTapStudio  ( EQ adjustments )  > Fission ( split tracks, raise floor, and convert to FLAC & 16/44.1 ) 

Mastered & transferred by voodoostrat

This is my first capture with the Sony, I did the best with what I have, The master was a really bass heavy to the point of breaking up, I didn't think this one was salvageable, but a few EQ mods got it sounding much better, I'm just happy I could save it. Hopefully I can get some mics and a preamp soon. Small level adjustment can be heard at beginning on track 2.

Huge thanks to my taping gurus for helping me get my feet wet and all the great advice, you guys are the best, and you know who I'm thanking here. 

Gracias you guys!

01.  Intro
02.  Mexico Americano
03.  Ay Te Dejo En San Antonio
04.  Chuco's Cumbia
05.  Rebel Kind
06.  Come On Let's Go
07.  Papa Was A Rolling Stone>
08.  I Can't Understand >
09.  Oye Como Va 
10.  I Got Loaded 
11.  Mas y Mas w
12.  Crowd/encore
13.  Encore Noodling
14.  La Bamba 
15.  Good Lovin"
16.  La bamba

Track 5 with Alejandro Escovedo
Track 9,10,11 with Henry and RIngo from Los Lonely Boys, also Camilo on congas, precussion
Track 14, 15, 16 all Henry, Jojo,and Ringo from LLB, also Camilo on congas, precussion

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