[bittorrent] Phish 07/22/2013 Molson Amphitheatre, Toronto, Ontario, Canada DPA 4023>Sonosax>722 FOB *16 bit*

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Band:           Phish
Torrent Name:   Phish 07/22/2013 Molson Amphitheatre, Toronto, Ontario, Canada DPA 4023>Sonosax>722 FOB *16 bit*
Uploaded by:    LAStubbe
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Description / text file:
Molson Amphitheatre
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

**16 bit**

Source: DPA 4023>Sonosax SX-M2>Sound Devices 722 (24/96)
Config/Location: ORTF/FOB/DFC 6' stand section 202 row J center seat 10 rows from the pit
Transfer: 722>Firewire>Macbook>
Sound Studio 3.6(fades, normalize peak, +gain, track)>
Wave Editor 1.5.7 (iZotope Resampler/MBIT+ Dither)>
xACT 2.23(align on sector boundaries, encode, tag, fingerprint)>flac16 (level 8 )
Taped & transferred by: Lenny Stubbe

Set I: (1:24:21)

01. intro
02. Moma Dance
03. Chalkdust Torture
04. Undermind
05. Army of One
06. Halley's Comet>
07. Twist
08. Bouncing Around the Room
09. Stash
10. Yarmouth Road
11. Tube
12. Ocelot
13. Suzy Greenberg

Set II: (1:38:25)

01. intro
02. Down with Disease>
03. 2001>
04. Free>
05. Piper>
06. Tweezer>
07. Silent in the Morning
08. Backwards Down the Number Line>
09. Cavern>
10. David Bowie

11. encore break
12. Loving Cup
13. Squirming Coil
14. Tweezer Reprise

*** tech note: The first set is impacted by some light static in the right channel due to some hold over fatigue from 3 nights of torrential rain in Chicago.  This worst of it was during part of Moma Dance>Chalkdust and the very beginning of Undermind.  Jason Sobel was kind enough to help me with a very smooth cross faded patch of the left channel over to the right channel during this portion of the first set.  I felt this portion was obstructed so much that it was worth the patch.  The first cross fade occurs from 5:24-5:30, and the second cross fade occurs at 16:40-16:45.  During this portion of the show the file is 2 channel mono.  Both SoX 14.4.1 and Samplitude SE v9.1.1 were used by Jason for this editing process.  There is still some very light right channel static in spots throughout the remainder of the first set that is audible in spots and is completely gone by Suzy.  I did not feel it was significant enough to patch at the sacrifice of the nice stereo imagine.  The music mostly overpowers it.  Set two is unaffected.  

- Down with Disease was unfinished
- before the encore Page calls attention to the terrible weather the tour has seen to this point, and wanted to extend thanks to the audience for sticking through it, and to the bands crew for working through all of the conditions
- Trey dedicated Squirming Coil to the "New Price" born in England on this day. The band also suggested a name for the new price who was not yet named, and welcomed fans to Tweet their suggestion
- show originally scheduled for 7/9/2013 but was postponed at the last minute due to record rain fall in Toronto the previous day

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