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Description / text file:
 From Good Homes
 Classic Amphitheatre
 Richmond, Virginia 
 October 18, 1997
 Master Audience Recorded By Mr. Baker!
  Nakamichi CM701's > Sony TCD-D7 Master Dat 
   Recorded FOB Row 17 Left Center
 Transfer Information:Fostex D5 DAT > Phillips CD-R880 >
  EAC > Flac 16/44
 Tracks Renamed With AudioGate Software
  SBE's Checked/Fixed With Trader's Little Helper
   Metadata Tagging With Tag&Rename 

 * Evermore, From Good Homes, Big Head Todd And The Monster 
    Opened For Ratdog! *


01.Broken Road
02.The Old Man And The Land
03.If The Wind Blows
04.I Only Want
05.Spacey Johnny
06.Rain Dance

 Comments:A Huge Thanks out to Mr. Baker for
recording and sharing his source for this show!
This is a short but sweet set and I will share 
the other three sets down the road in the not 
so distant furure!!!!!!!!!!!!!
AS ALWAYS ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

a4a7c7652f0363a4ee836a3dd3ecc711 *folder.jpg
081a199a950a0a50272e0232ef05a596 *FromGoodHomes1997-10-18.Nak700.t01.flac
9a9e31d18abab1602e9d7642f8c352f0 *FromGoodHomes1997-10-18.Nak700.t02.flac
801d67e731a06d2657b4c85f44f8fee1 *FromGoodHomes1997-10-18.Nak700.t03.flac
d3a04c66cc43e117889309b175e9fb5a *FromGoodHomes1997-10-18.Nak700.t04.flac
6400ecc300f7e1cc0a25336bbb64c91d *FromGoodHomes1997-10-18.Nak700.t05.flac
f5c355980574d165f492e822cde728cd *FromGoodHomes1997-10-18.Nak700.t06.flac


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