[bittorrent] David Nelson Band Tucson AZ March 31, 2000 Master SBD

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Band:           David Nelson Band
Torrent Name:   David Nelson Band Tucson AZ March 31, 2000    Master SBD
Uploaded by:    rustystrings
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Details:        http://bt.etree.org/details.php?id=545343

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being non-trade-friendly.

Description / text file:
David Nelson Band
Friday March 31 2000  
Nimbus Brewery 
Tucson, AZ 

SBD DAT masters by Phil Rousculp

Transferred and Mastering by Jamie Waddell

A **GEMS** Production  www. shnflac. net   May 2011

Set 1 
01. Earl's Girl's 
02. Lochinvar 
03. Naked Eye 
04. Jupiter Hollow > 
05. Edge Of The Wire 
06. Born Sidestepper 
07. All You Need Is Love Medley > 
08. 4:51
09. mtalk

Set 2: 
10. Cumberland Blues > 
11. Just A Season> 
12. Iko Iko 
13. Let It Bleed 
14. Warrior's Path 
15. Long Gone Sam > 
16. See So Far > 
17. Cumberland Blues 
18. talk
19. E: Beat It On Down The Line

-little blip in Warriors Path and some oddness before it, and cable to deck gets bumped towards end of Long Gone Sam.  Attenuated for listenability but still present.

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