[bittorrent] Eric Lindell 7-jun-2007 Surf Club Edmonston, MD

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Torrent Name:   Eric Lindell 7-jun-2007 Surf Club Edmonston, MD
Uploaded by:    dathead2
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Description / text file:
Eric Lindell	 7-jun-2007
Surf Club   	Edmonston, Maryland

--- cd 1/2 (76:34) ---

01 it's a pity
02 it won't be long
03 all alone
04 feel like i do > it's a drag
05 don't bogart that joint > what's the matter with the mill?
06 [messing around on stage]
07 [messing around on stage]
08 see me through
09 mind your business
10 i don't care (just as long as you love me)
11 all night long
12 dog eat dog
13 in my younger days
14 josephine > what i got
15 [thanx / band intro]

--- cd 2/2 (42:43) ---

01 lay back down > two-bit town > casanova
02 give it time
03 raw doggin'
04 it's you
05 sunny daze
06 cryin' time
07 tried and true
08 got to get over

rate=44.1kHz source=dsbd time=02:00 quality=10

note=Eric Lindell (vocals, guitar), Chris Mule (lead guitar),
note=Blake Plyant (drums), Dave Rawlins (bass), Sean Carey (harp, keyboards)

note=there is a pause on recorder between songs
note=I unfortunately didn't get to attend this show since I was out of toem
note=Eric's first (and only) appearance at Surf Club
note=sbd > CDR; CDR > CDR via EAC

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