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Wed May 4 17:01:50 MDT 2011

11. June 23 1993
Pastures of Plenty
Hamburg, Germany
Voted by visitors as their favourite studio jam, it translates predictably well (although rarely) to a live setting. This jazz-infused version (and The Weight above) was from a tour of Bruce, Molo, JT Thomas and Jimmy Haslip (Yellowjackets).

12. September 4 1993
Classic Amphitheater - Richmond, VA
Rainbow's Cadillac
Always one of my favourite live songs, and it's the old piano-driven version.

13. October 16 1993
The Backyard - Austin, TX
Madman Across the Water
The tribute record that Bruce mentions is Elton John's "Two Rooms". John D'earth nails it here.

14. October 30 1993
Orlando, FL
Jacob's Ladder > Higher and Higher
An eleven minute version (and Bruce briefly forgets the words). Great Jimmy Haslip solo three minutes in.

15. October 31 1993
Tampa Performing Arts Center - Tampa, FL
Down the Road Tonight
A great example of Bruce's horns section at the time.

16. November 12 1993
Arie Crown Theatre - Chicago, IL 
Harbor Lights > Look Out Any Window
I always loved Molo's drum intro to this.

17. March 31 1994
University of Miami - Miami, FL
Fire on the Cross
Bruce returned to the University of Miami for the first of his orchestral shows.

18. March 31 1994
University of Miami - Miami, FL
Night on the Town
A dramatic orchestral version - too good to leave out, so I've included two from the same show!

19. July 23 1994
Promenade Park - Toledo, OH 
Defenders of the Flag
Debbie Henry's vocals give me the chills on this one.

20. August 1 1994
The Strand - York, PA
The River Runs Low
Solo version of an always-popular ballad from Bruce's first record.

21. August 29 1995
Melody Fair Theatre - North Tonawanda, NY 
Iko Iko
This show is widely regarded as one of Bruce's best. This was a New Orleans take on Iko Iko.

22. September 3 1995
FM Kirby Center - Wilkes-Barre, PA 
Swing Street
I wish this song got more attention today! Molo's intricate start to this song was always a highlight for the band!

23. October 27 1995
Manhattan Center - New York, NY
Cruise Control
Just a great show taped for TV. Look for the "Bruce Hornsby and Friends" DVD. They're all having so much fun on this song, and Molo is a joy to behold!

24. October 27 1995
Manhattan Center - New York, NY
End of the Innocence

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