[bittorrent] Elephant Revival, The Kinetic Playground, Chicago, IL, 2011-05-10 (6ch sbd+skm184+skm140)

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Band:           Other
Torrent Name:   Elephant Revival, The Kinetic Playground, Chicago, IL, 2011-05-10 (6ch sbd+skm184+skm140)
Uploaded by:    taperj
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Details:        http://bt.etree.org/details.php?id=545255

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Description / text file:
Elephant Revival
The Kinetic Playground
Chicago, IL

Six channel matrix of:
SBD(mono set 1/stereo set 2) > MOTU Ultalite mk3
Neumann skm140(ORTF/~7' high/FOB/JLOC) > Sound Devices Mixpre(XLR out) > MOTU Ultralite mk3
Neumann skm184(X/Y/~7.5' high/FOB/JLOC) > MOTU Ultalite mk3

>>> Recorded to 3 stereo tracks on PC(Sonar 7 16/48) > Sonar 7(mix/dither/resample to 16/44.1) > CDWave(tracking) > FLAC(16/44.1/Level 8)

Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by: John Fairbairn

Set 1
1. Gold and Silver Shining
2. Truth
3. Patience

Set 2
2. Remebering
3. Spinning
4. Down to the Sea
8. Old Rogue River

Notes: I hadn't had the matrix rig out in a while and mistakenly output the set 1 sbd to mono(so set 1 is technically a 5 channel), this was corrected for set 2.
This was a largely unadvertised show, ER played a short set before Sexfists first set, and then a 'tweener set in between Sexfists first and second sets.

Any setlist help greatly appreciated, I would like to get the setlist completed before uploading to the LMA.

Huge thanks to Elephant Revival for a great show and for allowing taping.


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