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Description / text file:
"First Fusion"
Bob Weir in concert with the Marin Symphony
and Quartet San Francisco
Giancarlo Aquilanti, conductor
Marin Veterans' Memorial Auditorium, Marin Center, San Rafael CA
Saturday May 7, 2011

Audience recording: Zoom H2 (a few rows back from stage left stacks) > Sound Studio (cut tracks, reduce crowd noise, slight equalizing to brighten it up a bit, normalize) > xACT (FLAC level 8)


reworked:  xACT > ProToolsLE > xACT

This is a nice recording from hoppkorv.
He has given me permission to put out this altered version.
On the original most of the energy/sound was in the right channel.
I've leveled out the two sides and now the music is quite centered in the
stereo image.
I've applied some slight EQ work also.
I cut the lowest frequencies in the low end where there
wasn't really any musical information.
I also cut a bit around 400 Hz.
I left the high end as he made it.
Although that cut at 400 Hz opens up the high end a bit more.
I then have brought up the music and the peaks without messing with the
dynamics too much.

I did apply some extra limiting to 'One More Saturday Night'.
By bringing the peaks from close clapping in that song under control I was able
to do all of the rest of the work of leveling out the channels etc
to the rest of the show.

Besides my notes here, this info file is based on hoppkorv's original.

I've tracked this out for CD burning.
It's sbe ok.

Part 1: "Raising The Dead"
Bob Weir, Jeff Chimenti, Jay Lane, Pat Klobas,
Rob Wasserman, Robin Sylvester, Quartet San Francisco, 
selected Marin Symphony musicians, and singers:

disc one

01 Cassidy
02 Bird Song ->
03 Row Jimmy
04 West LA Fadeaway
05 Loose Lucy
06 Friend Of The Devil@

disc two

01 Let It Grow ->
02 Bird Song (reprise) ->
03 Cassidy (reprise)

Part II: "Reinventing The Classics"
Bob Weir, Jeff Chimenti, Jay Lane, Pat Klobas,
Rob Wasserman, Robin Sylvester, the Marin Symphony,
and singers. Giancarlo Aquilanti, conductor:

04 Playin' In The Band ->
05 Uncle John's Band ->
06 Dark Star (1st verse) ->
07 Jack Straw

disc three

01 Days Between
02 Dark Star (2nd verse) ->
03 Uncle John's Band (reprise) ->
04 Playin' In The Band (reprise)
05 One More Saturday Night 
06 Ripple@
07 Attics Of My Life (acapella)

@ Weir acoustic

*(a benefit for the Marin Symphony and education programs)*




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