[bittorrent] Donna The Buffalo - 2011/01/20 - Awful Arthur's Towers, Roanoke, VA - Sony ECM-MS957

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Band:           Donna the Buffalo
Torrent Name:   Donna The Buffalo - 2011/01/20 - Awful Arthur's Towers, Roanoke, VA - Sony ECM-MS957
Uploaded by:    jagraham at adelphia.net
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Description / text file:
Donna the Buffalo
1/20/11 - Thursday - ~10:25 PM
Awful Arthur's Towers, Roanoke, VA

Roy Jay Band opened

2-It Hurts Me Too*
3-Organ Jam
5-Beauty Within
6-Ring of Fire
7-It You Only Could
8-Tonight, Tomorrow, and Yesterday
9-Part-Time Lover
10-Tides of Time
11-Me and Depression
12-Temporary Misery
13-Blue Skies and Buttercups
14-Locket and Key
15-Family Picture
16-We're Workin' on That
17-Co Fa (Tell Me Why)
18-No Reason Why**
19-Living in a Promise Land >
20-40 Days and 40 Nights
21-No Place Like the Right Time
23-E: Sailing Intro***
25-Hot Tamale Baby

* - Instrumental, without Tara
** - New Tara song, working title
*** - False start and band intro

Source: Sony ECM-MS957(XY120) > JB3(LineIn) > WAV(16bit/44.1khz) > Audacity(patched, peaks reduced, amplified to -.01db) > CD Wave Editor(tracked) > FLAC8(TLH)

Location: DFC, ~18' back, ~8.5' high

Notes: Thanks to donnabase.com for the setlist.  Patched from 0:00-0:56 with the CA-11s > STC-9000 > DR-07 source.  Peaks reduced at 1:22:22, 1:47:52-54, 1:50:31-35, 2:02:41.


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