[bittorrent] Vertigo Jazz Project w/ Kofi Burbridge 2011-01-27 Five Spot, Atlanta, GA (KM184s)

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Torrent Name:   Vertigo Jazz Project w/ Kofi Burbridge 2011-01-27 Five Spot, Atlanta, GA (KM184s)
Uploaded by:    dfries
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Description / text file:
Vertigo Jazz Project
January 27th, 2011
The Five Spot, Atlanta, GA

01) [5:39]
02) [8:37]
03) Me \ [3:37]
04) / [2:20]
05) [5:30]
06) [8:10]
07) [8:55]
08) Infinity Line [10:25]
09) / [2:32] \
10) [3:34]# /
11) Disc Golf [8:10]#
12) /Jam [16:53]#

Here is thursday nights Vertigo Jazz Project show at the 5 spot.  I was using some new equipment and had unforeseen battery issues, so a couple songs are missing or incomplete. sorry about the missing music, but this is about 85 minutes of music here.  throughout the set the band was accompanied by several guests including Derek Johnson (your momma's big fat booty band) on trombone and Jon on trombone from Cadillac Jones.  Oteil Burbridge also sat in but my recorder turned off right as he came on stage, i think track 9 is a fragment of that song.  at the end of the show all the guests including a female vocalist jammed for 20 minutes. this is listed as 'special track'.  you will need a 2nd cd to burn that track.

Source: Neumann KM184's (xy) > Marantz PMD671 @ 24bit/48khz
# = Source 2: CAFS Omni > Olympus LS-10 @ 24bit/48khz
Location: 30 ft from stage, 7ft high, dfc
Recorded by Dillon Fries

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