[bittorrent] Los Lobos 2010-12-31 - City Winery, NYC **fob-schoeps** VGRM06 "One more NYE show for everyone!!!!"

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Band:           Los Lobos
Torrent Name:   Los Lobos  2010-12-31 - City Winery, NYC  **fob-schoeps**  VGRM06  "One more NYE show for everyone!!!!"
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Description / text file:
Los Lobos  
12/31/10 - 
City Winery, NYC  

Disc 1:  
   7:30 show-  
1. intro
2. Tin Can Trust>
3. One Time, One Night
4. Chuco's Cumbia
5. Matter Of Time
6. Maricela
7. The Valley #
8. Shakin' Shakin' Shakes
9. Emily
10. Yo Canto
11. Dream In Blue>
12. Kiko & the Lavender Moon

Disc 2:  
   7:30 show(con't)-  
1. Let's Say Goodnight
2. Mexico Americano>
3. Volver, Volver
4. Don't Worry Baby>
5. Not Fade Away>
6. Bertha
7.E: This Time>
8.    Waiting In Vain
   11:00 show-  
9. tuning, intro
10. Manny's Bones
11. Chuco's Cumbia
12. Will the Wolf Survive?
13. Everybody Loves a Train
14. Luz De Mi Vida

Disc 3:  
   11:00 show(con't)-  
1. Jupiter Or the Moon
2. Papa Was a Rolling Stone>
3. I Can't Understand>
4. Boogie Children(boogie chillun)>
5. NYE Countdown>
6. I Got Loaded **
7. Evangeline
8. 'dazed & confused' tease
9. Ay Te Dejo En San Antonio
10. Volver, Volver
11. On Main Street
12. Mas y Mas>
13. La Bamba @
14.E: Cinnamon Girl
15. short line check before late show

#=dedicated to Jerry Meranus
**=w/ "lovelight" rap
@=w/ "Good Lovin'"

David Hidalgo - guitars, accordion, percussion, bass, keys, melodica, 
                                drums, violin, banjo, requinto jarocho, vox
Cesar Rosas - guitars, mandolin, bajo sexto, vox
Louie Pérez - drums, guitars, percussion, jarana huasteca, vox
Conrad Lozano - bass, guitarron, vox
Steve Berlin - saxophones, percussion, flute, midisax, harmonica, melodica

schoeps cmc64(split on poles directly in front of each PA, 23' from stage, 
11' high)>SD 744t>firewire>WAV>SF 10.0(EQ, PD&Norm, 48k>44.1k)>FLAC
recorded, & mast/remastered by Bill Mulvey
MMW-Ribot Archives--vanillag at hotmail.com
Special thanks to Dan Gale & Los Lobos for being so cool 
about everything & helping to make this recording happen.  

Note:  After getting my mics hung up in place, I noticed that the venue had 
installed & was using a new, very powerful air conditioning vent system in 
the ceiling which I discovered was affecting my right mic(making the level flutter).  
I asked management if this was going to be on throughout the show & he told 
me, "Yes, periodically."  Strange that they would want this on so cold & powerful 
on New Year's Eve, but anyway, & had to go with what I set up as people were 
being sat at the tables & I could not get the huge ladder back out at that point...yes, 
I had heavy-duty schoeps windscreens on the mics.  Anyway, I have never dealt 
with that much indoor wind & I feared the worst as the level meter on the 744t is 
so sensitive & made it look really terrible.  In the end it is truthfully not that bad at all 
when it happens & only really noticable when they are not playing(the force of 
the music trumps the force of the AC!!).  In between shows, I found a very thick 
piece of styrofoam in the basement of the place & rigged it up to the left of the 
right mic's clamp to misdirect the flow.  Pretty good...it didn't stop the wind 100%, 
but it did make it next to negligible while not covering the mic from the music.  

The Boys from East LA played really well & ushered in the New Year in high style.  
I recorded the late show while I was running sound across town & recording for 
Marc Ribot's jazz NYE show, taping 'in absentia' utilizing the 744t's internal timer.  

Enjoy, amigos!!  

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VGRM03 - Schleigho 2010-06-25 - NYC
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