[bittorrent] Little Feat 2011-01-11 Rams Head Live, Baltimore MD new Cafiero/Ford master

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Band:           Little Feat
Torrent Name:   Little Feat 2011-01-11 Rams Head Live, Baltimore MD – new Cafiero/Ford master
Uploaded by:    Featroller
DB Link:        http://db.etree.org/shn/111710
Details:        http://bt.etree.org/details.php?id=542005

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Description / text file:
Little Feat 
January 11, 2011 - Tuesday  	
Rams Head Live  
Baltimore, MD

Source: Sennheiser ME64(ORTF) > Sound Devices 722 (24/44.1)

Transfer/Lineage: SD 722> Firewire> Flac Frontend> FLAC24> Nero 7> Plextor PX-716A> DVD>
TLH> .wav @24/44.1> WaveLab 6.10> Waves L3 UltraMaximizer> .wav @16/44.1> CD Wave> TLH >flac16.

All editing and mastering using WaveLab 6.10 with UAD-1 in 24/44.1

Taped and Transferred by Chris Cafiero, Little Feat Archivist.
Edited and Mastered by Alex Ford.
Tracking, file conversion and seeding by George Berridge.

CD I: [61:37]

01. crowd/tuning
02. Cajun Rage 
03. Something In The Water 
04. Down On The Farm* > 
05. Candyman* > 
06. Down On The Farm* 
07. Honest Man*
08. A Apolitical Blues*# > 
09. Long Distance Call*# > 
10. A Apolitical Blues*#
11. Mellow Down Easy*#
12. Willin'*# > 
13. Don't Bogart That Joint*# > 
14. Feats Don't Fail Me Now*#

CD II: [53:58]

01. Church Fallin' Down*
02. Representing The Mambo* >
03. Just Another Sunday Jam* (w/ Bill, Gabe and Ron jam) 
04. Spanish Moon*
05. Dixie Chicken*# > 
06. Tripe Face Boogie*#
07. Oh Atlanta


- Opening act: Roy Jay Band.
- # w/ Mark Wenner(Nighthawks) on harp
- * w/ Ron Holloway on sax

Featroller comment: Rams Head Revisited, brought to you by the Mics of Chris and the Wizardry of Alex –
a surefire hit for the great Little Feat! But wait… didn't that happen last year? Oh yes, and it was fine.
But this is finer. Compare the tracks included on Rams Head Revisited to the same ones here: Cajun Rage and
Honest Man are similar, but the extended Long Distance Call embedded in Apolitical Blues is much better.
Same with Representing The Mambo and its companion Just Another Sunday jam. You fans of jazz improvisation
will swoon. And left off of RHR… how about the Candyman Blues jam embedded in a smoking Down on the Farm?
Ron Holloway must be guzzling Geritol by the sixpack. I've never heard better from him. And Mark Wenner adds
terrific harp. Too bad they don't release every show from the Rams Head, but download this and it's almost
the same thing. Best show of the year… but we're not even out of January!

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