[bittorrent] Jackmormons 12/30/2010 Mt Tabor Theater, Portland, OR.***multitrack*** 24 BIT

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Band:           Jerry Joseph
Torrent Name:   Jackmormons 12/30/2010 Mt Tabor Theater, Portland, OR.***multitrack***  24 BIT
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Description / text file:
======24 BIT======

Mt Tabor Theater
Portland, OR
Set I: Chinese Balls >
Ray of Heaven (w/parts of Mysterious Ways)  
Tarantula Hawk >
Fastest Horse in Town (w/parts of I Found Out) 
Radio Cab
My LittleTiger
Set II:
Time the Revelator  >
Second Skin 
Ten Killer Fairies
Break it Down  >
Kind of Place >
White Stag >
Bossman Piss >
Savage Garden (w/parts of Let's Talk About Sex) 
No Encore 

None of the three nights of recording could have been accomplished without Eric & Jay!
The Mt. Tabor stuff only happened because of Jason, you da man!
Recording: Eric Foelske, Kirk Davis, Jay Sayatovic, Jason Motl
Mixing & mastering: Kirk Davis
EV N/D 308's(stage corners, ~4' high) > Tascam DR-680(@24/48)
Toa KY's(stage lip cntr, ~ 2.5' high, ORTF) > Sound Devices USBPre2 > 
	Tascam DR-680(@24/48)
Direct Outs > Tascam DR-680(@24/48)
SBD > Tascam HDP2 > Tascam DR-680(@24/48)

Transfer: USB > Dell E510 > Adobe Audition(@ 32bit mixing/editing functions) > 
Izotope RX advanced (Denoiser, resampling: ultra steep linear phase, dithering:MBit+ Ultra) > 
CD Wave(tracking) > Traders Little Helper(flac level-8) 
SBD > Tascan HDP2 > Zaolla Coax IC > Tascam DR-680(@24/48)
Recording notes: 
Last second problems forced us to only record on one of the DR-680's.  EV mics had high frequency whine taken out in Izotope.  Huge HUGE Thanks to Eric for getting it done this night.   
Mixing info:
2 tracks SBD
4 tracks mics
1 track drums
1 track JJ vox
1 track JR vox

Recording Notes:
This is all that we(Eric) managed to record from this night.  IT really was a tough two days at Mt Tabor recording.  Thanks to Eric and Jay for putting up with me.  I know it ain't easy:o)

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