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Band:           Little Feat
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Little Feat
Neighborhood Theatre
Charlotte, NC
January 13, 2011

SBEs fixed & re-FLAC w/ TLH by George Berridge 1/17/11.

This post is all about freely sharing some great music, spreading the vibe af these bands, increasing sales of their goods and attendance at their shows and having a little fun.

Gimme an F.....E.....A.....T - Just enjoyed a far too long time comin' evening with Little Feat. I'm ashamed to say it's been the early 90's since I last caught a Feat show. No excuse for that. I remember the last show I saw being a real blast and this one I enjoyed even more. Absence definitely makes the musical appreciation grow fonder. Some nice long improvised jams in this one that won't disappoint. Nice cover of The Band here. Also I must give a heartfelt tip o' de cap to Feat as they worked "Abba Zabba" into the middle of the "Fat Man" jam to honor the not honored nearly enough Captain Beefheart (RIP Don).

A couple odd observations/occurrences of the night -

#1 - This same night Feat was playing The Neighborhood Theatre, Sean Lennon's band, The Ghost Of A Sabre Tooth Tiger, was playing 50 yards away at The Evening Muse. As I pulled into town before the show I noticed that Feat was traveling in two nice looking tour busses. Simultaneously, across the street, I saw the son of a Beatle unloading his own gear from the stereotypical starving musician white van. I will quickly defend Sean Lennon in any arguments centered around privilege and posturing. That was quite surreal.

#2 - Also by coincidence the PA music between the opening band and Little Feat's set was The Beatles' "Abbey Road". Weird listening to John Lennon sing when you know John Lennon's son is singing close enough away to hit him with a rock.

#3 - The keys and guitars lost power twice during the show for very short (<1 min) periods of time. 

#4 - At the end of "Fat Man" Bill accidentally hit what sounded to be one of those canned disco keyboard rhythm tracks for a sec. Pretty funny. 

#5 - As I left Charlotte with, I'm guessing, Little Feat nestled snugly on their busses I see Sean Lennon standing out front of The Evening Muse holding his guitar case and having a smoke in 16 degree weather. 

Good show here folks. Y'all enjoy.

01. Voodoo Jam>
02. All That You Dream
03. Time Loves A Hero>
04. Day Or Night
05. Honest Man
06. Rocket In My Pocket
07. Something In The Water
08. Feel The Groove
09. Dixie Chicken
10. Willin'>
11. Don't Bogart That Joint>
12. The Weight (The Band)>
13. Willin'
14. Church Fallin' Down
15. Let It Roll
16. Fat Man In The Bathtub>
17. Abba Zabba (Captain Beefheart)>
18. Fat Man In The Bathtub

Bill Payne - vocals, keyboards
Paul Barrere - vocals, guitar, slide guitar
Fred Tackett - guitar, mandolin, trumpet, vocals
Kenny Gradney - bass
Gabe Ford - drums
Sam Clayton - congas, vocals, percussion
Never For Sale - Free Trade Only

Thanks to Little Feat for allowing me to record and share this for free with y'all. In exchange I expect y'all to support the band by attending their shows and buying their recordings and merchandise.

Thanks to Chris Cafiero for his generosity and help in setting me up.

Thanks to the ownership and staff of Neighborhood Theatre for embracing and supporting the taping scene.

Thanks to Little Feat for allowing me to record and share this for free.

Featroller note: data file modified to reflect fixed SBE's. Thanks to doodee for taping and the original upload
at dimeadozen.org.

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