[bittorrent] Evan Dando 2004-01-18 Gabe's Oasis, Iowa City, IA (SBD)

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Torrent Name:   Evan Dando 2004-01-18 Gabe's Oasis, Iowa City, IA (SBD)
Uploaded by:    pwig
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Description / text file:
Evan Dando
Gabes Oasis
Iowa City, IA

Source: Soundboard > Analog Cable > Sony TCD-D100
Transfer: Sony TCD-D100 > Creative SB Live! > Cool Edit 2000
> CD Wav > shn > xACT > flac
Taped/Transferred by: Ralph Bryant (rbryant at gmail dot com)

Disc 1
1. Confetti
2. Into Your Arms
3. All My Life
4. Drug Buddy
5. Wandering Around
6. My Idea
7. The Outdoor Type
8. Tenderfoot
9. If I Could Talk I'd Tell You
10. The Great Big No
11. Hard Drive
12. The Turnpike Down
13. Down About It
14. How Will I Know *
15. Not A Girl **
16. Why Do You Do This To Yourself
17. Shots Is Fired
18. The Same Thing
19. Ride With Me
20. Stove
21. Stop My Head
22. Being Around
23. Frying Pan
24. Rudderless
25. Lake Charles ***
26. Abandoned ***
27. Side Of The Road ***
28. Like A Rose ***
29. It's A Shame About Ray

Disc 2
1. Evan Speaks
2. How Much I've Lied
3. $1000 Wedding
4. Mallo Cup
5. Don't Tell Yourself
6. Clang Bang Clang
7. Style
8. Bit Part
9. Ballad Of El Goodo (fades out/back in)****

* Whitney Houston
** Britney Spears 
*** Lucinda Williams Cover
****BIg Star cover

Setlist compiled by heathcondiotte at hotmail.com 1/26/04

Notes: I ran out of tape on the last song, which is a Big Star cover, so it fades 
out and then back in once i inserted a new tape. This was my first Evan
Dando show and i had no idea how long it would last!

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