[bittorrent] Melvin Seals' JGB w/ Mark Karan NEW PARISH Theater, Oakland, CA 12-11-2010

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Torrent Name:   Melvin Seals' JGB w/ Mark Karan NEW PARISH Theater, Oakland, CA 12-11-2010
Uploaded by:    petert23
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Description / text file:

SET 1: 
They Love Each Other
Money Honey 
Train To Cry * 
That's What Love Will Make You Do * 
Sitting Here In Limbo 
Mystery Train

SET 2: 
Harder They Come 
Wonderful World 
Dear Prudence 
Sisters And Brothers 
 * With Mark Karan

Melvin Seals (k,v), Stu Allen (g,v), Jimmy Tebeau (b), Pete Lavezzoli (d), Cheryl Rucker and Shirley Starks (v)
SOUNDSupport: Bo Putnam and Shaun Wilson

Lineage:  Rhodes mics over dancefloor 25 ft from center stage > SD722 + Neumann KM140s on-stage > SD744 > Flash Cards 
Transfer: Soundforge (Parametric EQ the Rhodes tracks 3dB boost 1.5 octave width at 3500 Hz, levels and fades and edits, dithering and resampling from 24/96 to 16/44.1) > Adobe Audition (mixing original, eq'd Rhodes, and Neumann sources together) >  CDWave (Flac L6) > TLH (checksums)
Recorded by: Jon Hart  
Transfer and remaster: Peter Toluzzi

First time in a new room, fun show, no encore, nice guest appearance from Mark - he and Stu seem to love playing together!  This is my first time mixing room and stage mixes together; I like the results, especially the clear bass notes.  Enjoy! - Peter T.

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