[bittorrent] Little Feat 2010-12-31 Keswick Theater, Glenside PA new Cafiero/Ford master of special New Year's Eve show

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Band:           Little Feat
Torrent Name:   Little Feat 2010-12-31 Keswick Theater, Glenside PA – new Cafiero/Ford master of special New Year's Eve show
Uploaded by:    Featroller
DB Link:        http://db.etree.org/shn/111551
Details:        http://bt.etree.org/details.php?id=541653

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If the link to this show does not work, it was probably removed for
being non-trade-friendly.

Description / text file:
Little Feat
12/31/2010 - Friday	
Keswick Theater 
Glenside, PA

Source: Sennheiser ME 64 > Sound Devices 722 (@24/44.1)

Transfer/Lineage: SD 722> Firewire> Flac Frontend> FLAC24> Nero 7> Plextor PX-716A> DVD>
TLH> .wav @24/44.1> Waves L3 UltraMaximizer> .wav @16/44.1> CD Wave> TLH> flac16.
All editing and mastering using WaveLab 6.10 with UAD-1 in 24/44.1

Taped and Transferred by Chris Cafiero, Little Feat Archivist.
Edited and Mastered by Alex Ford.
Tracking, file conversion and seeding by George Berridge.

CD I [79:59]

1st Set

d1t01. Intro by Michael Tearson
d1t02. Time Loves A Hero > 
d1t03. Day Or Night 
d1t04. Homeground
d1t05. In A Town Like This 
d1t06. Old Folks Boogie 
d1t07. Oh Atlanta
d1t08. Rag Mama Rag
d1t09. Dixie Chicken* > 
d1t10. Fred/Bill/Gabe solos/jam* >
d1t11. Tripe Face Boogie 
d1t12. Let It Roll  

CD II: [79:37]

2nd Set

d2t01. Hate To Lose Your Lovin’ > 
d2t02. Slippin’ And Sliding
d2t03. Spanish Moon
d2t04. Why Don’t It Look Like The Way That It Talk
d2t05. Truck Stop Girl 
d2t06. Willin’ > 
d2t07. Don’t Bogart That Joint > 
d2t08. Long Black Veil >
d2t09. The Weight > 
d2t10. Willin’
d2t11. Fat Man In The Bathtub > 
d2t12. Gringo > Abba Zabba# >
d2t13. Fat Man In The Bathtub > 
d2t14. Happy New Year! - Auld Lang Syne > 
d2t15. We Bid You Goodnight 
d2t16. Raffle winners%
d2t17. Mellow Down Easy
d2t18. Something In The Water


- * "I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel To Be Free" (Dr. Billy Taylor) during key solo.
- # Tribute to Captain Beefhart, R.I.P.
- % Raffle benefited the Homeless Veterans of Pittsburgh. 

Featroller comment: If you didn't have a happy new year, you weren't at the Keswick grooving to this, or
listening in on Sirius or Radio Margaritaville. The bad news is the Sirius feed is seriously flawed in
sound quality. (The satellite feed is unfortunately off-limits for trading.) The good news is Master
Alex has outdone himself in producing a bright, clear, Chris recording that didn't start out that way.
And notice how both CDs clock in just under 80 min.? That's not a coincidence – Alex whittled down the
crowd noise second by second to get a fit. He put in the extra effort because this show is worthy of it.
Much like last year, the Keswick New Year's Eve Extravaganza has got to be the show of the year. And the
combination of performance and sound quality is unbeatable. Download now or risk the tragedy of going
through life without hearing this show!

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