[bittorrent] Merl Saunders & Friends (incl. Kimock, Fierro, Wales) - 8/18/96 San Rafael

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Torrent Name:   Merl Saunders & Friends (incl. Kimock, Fierro, Wales) - 8/18/96 San Rafael
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Merl Saunders & The Rainforest Band

Marin Summer Music Festival
Lagoon Park, San Rafael, Ca

DSBD Panasonic DAT -> Wav -> FLAC

Papa Was a Rolling Stone
After Midnight
Hi-Heel Sneakers
Do I Move You?

Merl Saunders - vocals, keyboards
Mario Cipollina - bass
Vince Littleton - drums
Howard Wales - keyboards
Harvey Mandel - guitar
Steve Kimock - guitar
Martin Fierro - saxophone
Judge Murphy - vocals on 2
David R?? - drums on 3
Mariana - vocals on 6 


This probably shouldn't be called "& The Rainforest Band"
as I'd bet the show was billed as Merl & Friends
or something other than the Rainforest Band.

Whatever it was, they played great together!

Brief intro at the beginning might be Wavy Gravy.

Few spots of diginoise in Track 1.



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